Drama / Thriller

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Maria Olsen as Vampira66
Yangzom Brauen as Control
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by taintongary-97444 1 / 10

Truly Awful

The 10 votes (to Date) giving it a 6.8 score must have been made by the family or close friends of the participants involved in this production. The direction, production values and unbelievably pointless sequence of events that attempted to form a story-line or plot, have been exceeded in its awfulness by its dialogue and wooden acting. The number of screen shots of the protagonist, apparently thinking, beggars belief. The musical score seems to represent another film being shown in an adjacent cinema and seems completely disjointed from the film's own disjointed and plodding events which were illogical and mystifyingly ill contrived. I watched it with jaw dropping disbelief as to how such rubbish had achieved production in the first instance.

Reviewed by MrMichaelPWorldwide 3 / 10

Confused and Confusing! KC Chiefs fan goes on international spy fun trip!

Somehow, I missed the 'scene' if there was one, showing 'Control'. The name 'Control' is, of course a bit sly--alluding as it does to at least one former European thriller---Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy--films in a different league. Enjoy the authentic German and Czech actors and accents! Great opportunities to watch 'visual studies' of a man lost in thought and thinking really , really hard! Wonderful cityscapes!!!! Really! Cardboard thugs. Clever scene of killing a thug with his own gun! Even the weeds in the abandoned beer garden seem real! And those cobblestone streets! Wow! Quite modern in using screen shots of social media and as a way to reveal dialogue. Wonder how long that will last! A more apt title: 'Confused---and Confusing'. Fun anyway.

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