Await the Dawn


Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 50

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Dee Wallace as Annie
Bruce Davison as David
Courtney Gains as Dr. Hewitt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sucraf 7 / 10

Not Unbearable

The other review person must have some personal beef with the director or someone involved in the movie. The acting was just fine or above average for a b movie. The gore was great. Yes, the story was kind of stupid, but it's a b horror movie. Do you expect an oscar movie? I've watched literately 1000's of horrors and this was pretty decent.

Reviewed by greyfith 2 / 10


I'm sorry, this movie is just terrible. The only redeeming feature in the first 25 minutes was the special effects in the first scene in the bar. I couldn't justify wasting any more of my time.

The acting is terrible. The WRITING is terrible. Character motivations are non-existent and there's no LOGIC to the things they do. If the first 25 minutes are this unreliable, what's the point in continuing?

Senor Pablo, pick one thing and do it well. If you spent more time actually perfecting your craft instead of making sure your pretentious full name is credited for every last little thing you could possibly dip your fingers into, you might create something better than a C.

Reviewed by paradiddle16 1 / 10

Yes unbearable

I'm guessing the one defending the movie in the reviews is a friend of the filmmaker or somebody in the movie. 7/10 no way.

The fx are ok but the acting is just horrible which really ruins the movie. I'm not talking about Dee Wallace which is a seasoned actress but the rest is freaking horrible. Even Vernon Wells at the beginning when the dude shoots it's own head off. His reaction is just plain laughable.

And the plot? Well...

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