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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lassehofvind 1 / 10

Disregard the fake reviews!!

Just another one of those z-grade regurgitated possession movies! Horrible acting and plot.. Don't bother with this one, guys!

Reviewed by sergey-zotchev 2 / 10

What is it about?

Is it paid for by the Church? By Satanist? Whatever, this is a real bad piece of action, full of cliches and religeous BS. Seen so many of this type of movies before, capitalizing on the original "Exorcist". Nothing new, bad acting, average special effects, boring....

Reviewed by gothic-fiction 6 / 10

This is a better one.

Now I see many reviews that trash talk the movie, and we have to respect others' opinions, but I, as a huge horror fan can tell you it is far better than you'd expect.

The subject sleep paralysis/deprivation/demons/night terrors/ is one a tad bit less used in this genre and not exploited as much as say, slashers or zombies. So there is still some wiggle room here, parts of it that might seem new, fresh, that's why I make sure to always put an eye on such productions, see what the latest is all about. Surely enough, Awoken doesn't go too far from the subject, it's a swing and a hit I'd say, but I'm quite sure it had the potential for an out of the park kind of impact. As a horror and as a sleep deprivation movie it uses a lot of the clichees one might expect to find here, and I do believe they could have achieved a lot more if they tried a little originality as well, not just go for the sure thing.

Nevertheless, it is a decent effort, an OK movie, from the acting to directing, everything falls in place nicely. I liked it for my late night and I do recommend it to others.


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