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Reviewed by jennifer-zacc 1 / 10

Beyond Bad. Wrong.

Having grown up in Kansas, living in Wichita for the years preceding BTK's final capture, I am fairly aware of the true story. The true story is horrific and gruesome, this was pretty lame. Not as dramatic, and the murders were in the wrong time frame, done incorrectly, with different types of victims. It was just weird to name it BTK. It had so little resemblance to the actual story. The guy who played BTK was fairly decent, but his physical appearance, body language and voice were all way off the actual person.

I ended up having to stop it before the end because it was putting me to sleep and annoying me.

Reviewed by GatorGR8 2 / 10

Terrible Production

I almost NEVER give movies a 1 rating; but this movie definitely tempted me and is pretty bad. Frankly, I'm tired of film makers destroying stories that have so much potential. This could have been a great movie if only the makers had chosen to depict the story accurately. But, they decided to use wide-ranging license, even when unnecessary, and completely ruined it. This is one of those stories, like most serial killers' stories, where adding or changing the circumstances or facts really isn't needed to make a truly horrific movie. The REAL story is far more terrifying than this lame version they served up. They even chose to give Rader 2 daughters, when it's common knowledge that he has a daughter and a son... why change that? It even would have made more sense when the time came for him to go on the Boy Scout camping trip as a Scout leader, since his real son really was a Boy Scout, and Rader really was a Scout leader. Changing that was just plain stupid. Then, none of the murders is portrayed correctly; and were in reality far more gruesome and terrible than what they turned them into for the movie. He murdered 4 members of a single family, and that wasn't even in the movie. He also never killed anyone's husband, but did shoot a girl's brother. Again, why change such an insignificant detail? It's better just keeping it accurate.

How do these lousy movie makers keep getting the rights to the best true horror stories, and then completely and utterly ruining them on film? It seems like all the tragic stories with the most potential for making a good movie get snapped up by the people least likely to make something powerful and entertaining out of it.

Reviewed by lastliberal 4 / 10

Nothing really memorable

I am really not sure what writer and director Michael Feifer was trying to do here. I hate to think he was just capitalizing on the publicity surrounding the B.T.K killer, but it seems obvious that he didn't do more than that.

Kane Hodder as Dennis Rader was scary. Even when he was doing his day job, he came across as someone you really didn't want to mess with. Pity those that did, as they often wound up as his victims in the evening. When he talked to one young girl about her dog, or another that was lost, you could just see the predator oozing out his pores.

Hodder was the only good thing about this movie. He played the evil Rader better than anyone I could imagine. He was the essence of evil.

Unfortunately the rest of the move was definitely lacking in the sleaze one would expect of a film about a serial killer. If you are going to do a story about serial killers, a whole lot more realism would be nice.

Any discussion of Rader's past or motivations, or anything about the police work that led to his arrest was seriously an afterthought.

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