Baaghi 2

2018 [HINDI]

Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 8488

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kinshuk-gaur 4 / 10

Can't even copy

Normally, I watch movies on the first or the second day of its release and thereafter, give my views. I watched Baaghi 2 on the 2nd day, but for this one I was holding back as I wanted to rematch a Hollywood oldie which I had watched a long time back ( I'll tell you the reason later). I don't want to waste anybody's time including mine and just to sum Baaghi 2 is a blatant copy of a Telegu hit Kshanam. Ok, so what Ahmed Khan the director had done differently is added more spices to the recipe for the Hindi audience and served it hot but garish. Let's look at the masala's ingredients.

We have a strapping Six pack abs Tiger Shroff who can merely act. Mimicking scenes from Ghayal ( Lock up scene in the police station enacted wonderfully by Sunny Deol) and Rambo movie in his own tantrums ( craved by masterly excellence from Sylvester Stallone ). Disha Patni the lady looks gorgeous but seriously need acting lessons or else people she will be vanished as they have overlooked Neha Sharma who started her carrier earlier than Disha (lookalikes). Manoj Bajpayee such a talented actor wasted and can be seen hamming on occasions. Randeep Hooda goes over the top and lacks authenticity of the charachter. Prateek Babbar is given a chance after long but misses out and is too loud and overacts. Darshan Kumar and Deepak Dobriyal wasted.

Ahmed Khan had a wonderful script copied from Kshanam he ruined by adding the extra masala. Dejectedly, this is the best he could offer with some scatterbrained music and catastrophic Madhuri's dance number by pokerfaced Jaqueline.

The Telegu version was subtle and more gripping as a thriller combined with some excellent acting from the star cast. In contrast Baaghi 2 even after lifting extract by extract is no match and fails miserably. Flipside Indian audience has made it in 100 crore club in the meanwhile. So whom I too complain.

Also, FYI the Telegu Movie Kshanam also seeks inspiration (appropriate to describe). Yes, friends this is also not the original script but the writers have used their brain and have carefully crafted the script. Kshanam is stimulated by the awesome Hollywood flick Bunny Lake is Missing and Gone Baby Gone. ( I wanted to watch Bunny lake is Missing again as I mentioned initially the reason for delay as could not get time to rewind)

But my humble request to all the Indian directors if you are remaking, plagiarizing getting inspired and what not, do it decently. ( Brutally Plagiarized)

Reviewed by Pramitheus 1 / 10

Possibly one of the best movies of 2018

Baaghi 2 is a film that beats Shyamalan in terms of twists, Tarantino in terms of dialogue, Sorkin in terms of script & Zimmer in terms of the "BWAAOOONN" sound effect. By the time the movie reached the half-way mark I was so confused. But then I thought that might be intentional. Performance wise Manoj Bajpayee & Randeep Hooda are okay but Tiger Shroff & Disha Patani really carries the movie in the most magnificent way possible. The amount of emotion and vocal inflections in every goddamn scene made my heart skip a beat. What a wow! What a wow! And the action was just mind-blowing. 100 men with AK-47s, knives & AR-15s was no match for one frigging Baaghi, holy cow. Even the guy with the gatling gun was so baffled by Tiger's abs that he couldn't shoot. And the way Ahmed Khan shot those sequences was just unbelievable. I have, however, only one little gripe with the movie. The title should've been Rhea. It's a minor thing but it effects the movie in a broader sense and increases the intrigue for the movie. The producers can send over the money for my humble effort/correction via cheque, cash or Paypal. You're most welcome.

Reviewed by coolmeena01 1 / 10

No story and illogical action

If you are ok with watching an illogical movie where a guy with a gun is running straight at 200-300 other guys with guns and all these other guys miss each and every one of their shot while the one guy is able to kill them all you'll like it but if you're a normal person this movie is the worst one ever

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