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James Cromwell as Farmer Arthur H. Hoggett
Ross Bagley as Puppy
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Reviewed by willkostick 10 / 10


My favorite movie of all time! It's so charming, the talking animal effects and the story hold up really well 20+ years later. James Cromwell is terrific as Farmer Hoggett, the voice actors of all the animals are great, the movie is visually gorgeous. This movie is my happy place and if you haven't seen Babe yet, don't miss out! Also, worth watching is the sequel, Babe: Pig in the City. It somehow manages to be darker yet sillier at the same time.

Reviewed by stormhawk2018 10 / 10

A real gem of the family movies

This is a thoroughly charming movie. I perfectly remember the day when I went to the theater with my mom and two cousins to watch this film, back in early 1996. With a large targeted to the infantile audience, Babe obtain a nice effect to an older public with an intelligent screenplay, a good direction, just like the special effects and a simple language about dreams and friendship. I saw it when it first came out and here it is, sixteen (can it be?) years later and having seen probably everything that Netflix has to offer ordered it as a "what the hey." I liked it better the second time. The movie teeters on the verge of sentimentality, but pulls back in plenty of time so there is no cringing! My favorite part of the movie is when the stoic farmer, nursing Babe who is sick with the thought that the farmer just wants to eat him, sings him a song, and then does a highland dance. I don't think I've ever seen a more original declaration of interspecies love.

Reviewed by zkonedog 7 / 10

A Kid's Flick With Just Enough Heart To "Round Up"Adults, Too

When it comes to children's movies, "Babe" pretty much corners the market on successful genre characteristics with its talking animals, simple humor, & heartfelt story.

For a basic plot summary, "Babe" tells the story of a pig who, after losing his mother, gets brought to a small family farm. Having lived in a pen most of his young life, the pig (christened Babe) must quickly acclimate to life with other animals. After viewing the sheep dogs and their respected place in the eyes of Farmer Hoggett (James Cromwell), Babe sets out on an unlikely quest to become a sheep-herder of his own.

For kids, "Babe" will enthrall in nearly every scene. There is oddball humor (always a favorite for the youngsters), crazy sight gags, and enough emotional moments to even make the kiddies care about little Babe.

For adults, the film does juuuust enough to keep you interested. Cromwell's performance as the farmer is very nuanced, while the overall farming atmosphere will appeal to many older viewers.

Overall, then, I consider Babe to be a solid children's effort. I'd recommend not frying up a pan of bacon anytime soon after viewing, however, lest your child(ren) become a little weepy (!). All in all, a great family film.

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