Baby Driver


Action / Crime / Drama / Music / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
IMDb Rating 7.6 10 411777

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Lily James as Debora
Jon Bernthal as Griff
Jon Hamm as Buddy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 9 / 10


Edgar Wright proved to be able to create a thrilling direction and more than capable script for our ensemble cast, led by a sympathetic Ansel Elgort. He certainly shines as this teen in a tough position who is a good guy being forced to do bad things. More than your average heist movie, with a killer soundtrack and fast pace driver you'll be on the edge of your seat during the most crazy moments.

Reviewed by glophxnw 8 / 10

Fun And Entertaining

There is some good acting in this film, fun action, violence and humanity too. There is some flaunting and a mini-skirted beauty who rocks fine skin and exquisite legs. Watch it.

Reviewed by kevindehulsters 9 / 10

This is why I love movies

I was able to watch Baby Driver during an advanced screening last week and and yes it's as amazing as the critics say it is. The way it uses the music is just so great. It's so different from all the other movies, but it isn't artsy in a way that only the critics will like it: this is a movie for everyone. I went with a friend who is really hard to please when it comes to movies, but I just knew he would love this. And I was right, I never saw him as excited about a movie as he was about this one. It's just so much fun to watch, but it's also serious when it needs to be and it has very intriguing characters. But I'll be honest, the core of the movie is its music. I think this is the second time I say it, but the music works so well. If I wasn't in the theaters I would sing with the songs. Even though it's completely different, it reminds me a bit of Fury Road in the way that it makes you want to punch your fist and the air and cheer during the movie. In reality I think it's more a mixture of La La Land and Grand Theft Auto (it's definitely not a musical by the way). Go see this movie. I don't want to overhype anyone, but I'll make a bold statement and say this is my favorite Edgar Wright movie. I'll be shocked if this doesn't appear on many 'Best of the Year' lists in December, at least I already know it'll be on mine.

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