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Reviewed by jonnyv 6 / 10

Has Its Moments...

The best part of Bachman, in my opinion, is the nostalgia. There are some priceless clips and photos from his formative years and some interesting tidbits contributed by the various stars and non stars who knew him either personally or professionally or both. Being from Winnipeg makes the nostalgia even more interesting. The segment with his small warehouse of guitars and the obvious Spinal Tap reference or two is fascinating and amusing ( and I am not referring to the obvious Spinal Tap reference that is the name of his radio show ).

Bachman, however, is lacking in depth and continuity. Numerous children are mentioned but only two are interviewed. After building up the importance of his family we are suddenly told that he separated from his wife, apparently at her behest, without any real explanation. His ex-wife is also not interviewed, making the entire biopic incomplete. I have seen several other biopics such as the recent one on Robin Williams where ex-spouses offered a balanced and significant contribution. Instead we are led to believe that he loved his wife so much that he converted to Mormonism to marry her and then are told by his son Tal that Mormonism was not for Randy after all. We are also told that it is believed that it took Randy some 25 years to be able to move on from his separation. This shocking information or speculation is dropped like a bombshell late in the program without any explanation or resolution, much less comment from the man himself. In fact Randy's personal views on life, friends, family and musical collaborators are virtually non-existent.

Bachman certainly succeeds as a tribute to an outstanding musical talent but offers virtually no insight into Bachman the man, other than making it abundantly clear that his life is music and little else. Perhaps that is why his ex-wife and the rest of his children are noticeably absent from the story told here. Bachman is certainly worth watching from a nostalgia point of view but offers little in the way of depth or insight into Randy's personna. It also runs out of steam over the last half hour and ends rather awkwardly.

Reviewed by kirbylee70-599-526179 9 / 10


Sadly as all of us grow older our heroes grow old as well. Some pass away suddenly, some slowly and others carry on for us to enjoy. Fortunately for us rock fans Randy Bachman carries on and continues to not only play live but create new music for us to enjoy. Now the film BACHMAN gives us a behind the scenes look at Bachman as well as biographical information and interviews with family and friends.

From humble beginnings in Canada Bachman found himself in a band called Chad Allen and the Reflections that eventually morphed into the Guess Who, one of the most popular bands from Canada in history. With bandmates Burton Cummings, Jim Kale and Garry Peterson the quartet racked up huge sales and hit singles like "These Eyes", "Laughing", "Undun" and "American Woman". Bachman's Mormon beliefs conflicted with the rock lifestyle of his fellow bandmates. They eventually ran the same course most bands do and broke up with Bachman going off on his own.

This led to his forming a new band with ex-mate Chad Allen, Fred Turner and Robbie Bachman called Brave Belt. With two albums released and wanting to change direction from a softer more country band to a hard rocking one, Allen left and was replaced with Tim Bachman and later Blair Thornton. This new sound also came with a new name, Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

Again lighting in a bottle was captured and the band was one of the biggest around in the seventies. With hits like "Takin' Care of Business", "Let It Ride" and "Hey You" they were mega-stars. That meant they were making big bucks and touring non-stop as well. But success has its ups and downs. And bands no matter how popular often tend to fade out fast.

But Bachman continued to make his living from music. He continued to write for and to produce other bands. Later in life he began to play jazz guitar and released several successful albums in that genre. He was inducted with Burton Cummings into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame. He's won awards, played with in various incarnations of past bands as well as with other performers. And he still makes music.

So what does the movie BACHMAN offer us? All of this information using photos from his family as well as interviews with those who know/knew him best. His brother, daughter and son Tal Bachman (who's had success in music too with the hit single "She's So High") are here in interviews. Friends like Neil Young, Peter Frampton, Chris Jericho, Alex Lifeson and Paul Shaffer all offer their takes on the guitar player extraordinaire.

Through it all we get a glimpse behind the scenes of what Bachman is like, as much as anyone can with a documentary film. His genuine love of the guitar is seen in several incidents. Watching him play and the love he has to do so is on hand. A visit to his archives where he keeps all of his old guitars, and trust me there are plenty, is also revealing. Each guitar has its own story to tell. Later he visits a museum with a studio in it that has the guitar he wrote/performed "American Woman" on and his reverence for the guitar as he plays it again for the first time in years is a sentimental moment.

The portrait we are presented with here is a man who loves music, who lives music and for whom daily playing of the guitar provides him life. He says this is what he wants to do, not retire and play golf. That's obvious in the man presented her in this film. At 75 years old he is still able to get on stage and let his fingers do the talking. And talk they do.

For me watching the film I got the chance to hear the stories of what his life was like, where he's been and where he's going. And while the film played the music of not just his life but mine played in the background. Memories of where I was when I first heard songs ran through my head. A tiny transistor radio with a plastic strap playing in a neighbor's treehouse when "American Woman" came on and I heard it for the first time. Seeing BTO live in Ft. Wayne with opening act Kansas in high school. And listening to the still when I want to have something playing in the background or car. Randy Bachman has left his mark not just on music but on us fans as well. Here's to more music coming.

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