Bad Girls Go to Hell


Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 19%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 841

woman director murder rape prostitute exploitation

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 4 / 10

Welcome to Hell! Location: New York. Population: Perverted & Deranged.

An ex-girlfriend of mine used to drive around with a bumper sticker that said: "Good girls go to heaven… Bad girls go everywhere!" I always found that hilarious and the title of this little 60's exploitation film instantly reminded me of it. "Bad Girls Go To Hell" is another glamorous and ultimately sophisticated accomplishment of the great writer/director Doris Wishman; the woman who pretty much single-handedly popularized the so-called "roughie" exploitation movies during the sixties. The films of Mrs. Wishman may perhaps not be very good (in fact, she was quite often referred to as the female Ed Wood) but she definitely had … well … balls! This film is boring, poorly acted, ineptly directed and desperately stuffed with padding footage to reach a half-decent running time, but still I can't bring myself to harshly criticize it. The year was 1965 and here she was – Doris Wishman - showing girls' bare bottoms, attempted rape and even quick nipple flashes. The plot of this film sounds acceptable enough, but in fact it's really silly and laughable. When the Meg Kelton is taking the trash out in her see-through nightgown on a Saturday morning, her sleazy janitor attempts to sexually assault her. You can tell this man is really sinister because he has a Slavic accent, ha! When Meg goes to his apartment later on - I haven't got the slightest idea why she does that, though – he tries to rape her again and she kills him with a glass bowl. The poor girl panics, obviously, and impulsively decides to leave her house and husband and flee to New "Hell" York. Once there, Meg's life only gets worse and worse. She successively ends up with a friendly man who turns into an abusive monster when he drinks, a lesbian stripper, a married couple of whom the husband is yet another rapist pig and an elderly lady with a creepy police officer for a son. Poor, poor Meg! If she wasn't such a bad actress, I might have felt really sorry for her. And then Gigi Darlene, the girl who plays Meg, is still the most talented one in the whole cast by far. "Bad Girls to Hell" has a stupid ending, but then again, it was still okay in the sixties, I guess. If you're familiar with this type of cheap and raunchy Z-grade cinema, you know what else to expect, right? We're talking dialogs clearing added during the post-production phase, inexplicably large amounts of filming people's feet, monotonous go-go- dancing music, etc, etc

Reviewed by asshash 10 / 10

The Devine Doris does Groundhog Day 30 years before

Doris Wishman at her best. Post-modern continuity. Shots of shoes and feet galore. Beautiful women doing housework in negligees and high-heels. Beautiful, scantily clad women smiting evil-doing men with ceramic ashtrays. Doors that can be entered and left simultaneously. A police detective coming out of the closet (literally) to his mother. Ever-looping sound tracks and music. Acting that redefines the craft. Cool, cool jazz. And we know that our heroine will endlessly repeat this day until she figures out how to keep her husband from working on Saturdays. An American classic.

Asking for ten lines on this film, Is like asking for ten lines of haiku. Are there ten lines of actual dialogue? Were there ten minutes of a score? Were there even ten hours of filming? The Devine Doris cannot be confined to more than ten lines.

Reviewed by dmaxl 7 / 10

Seldom seen, but worth a look...

Filming in glorious and gritty black and white, Ms Wishman offers us the beautiful and talented Gigi Darlene as an everywoman in 1960's urban America suffering the birth-pangs of the sexual revolution. Take a peek at this, if you ever get the opportunity, to see an example of the art that influenced pulp film-makers of the 1960's and 1970's, John Waters, and many musicians and artists active in the Punk scene.

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