Bajo la Rosa

2017 [SPANISH]

Crime / Drama / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kamalbeeee 8 / 10

Good minimilazed movie..!!

A mystery guy enters into a family after kidnapping their younger daughter..then he order them to confess their sins...finally the kidnapped daughter's dad did unforgivable sin and he decided to give punishment for that... Good story and screenplay..!!

And the climax would be unimgineable.. Must watch movie..!!

Reviewed by Ebert 1 / 10


A movie for psychopaths, made by a psychopath. Trash! Don't waste your time seeing this crap.

Reviewed by funnyfaceking 1 / 10

Mean spirited, sexually motivated torture porn

The film festival I saw this at advertised as a "crime thriller." If it could be called that, it's only because that's the pretext to get a creepy man inside a family home where he can torture the father, rape the mother and molest the hell out of an underage son. And the filmmakers did it with such glee, I'm surprised nobody is reporting the main profile poster for depicting an underage model in a sexual situation. If I had known that this was going to be torture porn on the level of Human Centipede or A Serbian Film, I would have spared myself real trauma.

Don't get me wrong. I'm no prude. I hate censorship as much as anyone. But if somebody's going to show this somewhere, they should at least give a warning more than "sexual situation." Sex is different from rape, rape, rape all the way through this film. It makes no sense that it actually won an award somewhere.

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