1989 [ITALIAN]

Fantasy / Romance / Thriller

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Jennifer Connelly as Claire Hamilton / Natalie Horvath
Charles Durning as Zio Joshua
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Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 7 / 10

Black Swan Etoile.

Jennifer Connelly plays Claire Hamilton,a ballerina who comes to Budapest to pursue her ballet career. Claire goes to the audition and back at her hotel receives black flowers addressed to long dead ballerina Natalie Horvath. She is possessed by the ghost of a 19th century prima-ballerina who was killed in a tragic carriage accident."Etoile" shares some glaring similarities with Darren Aronofsky's recent hit "Black Swan" for example the theme of loss identity. Like "The Spider Labirynth" it was shot in Budapest. The action is slow and the film is highly contemplative and subtle. It's certainly fascinating to compare it with "Black Swan". So if you are a fan of romantic horror you can't go wrong with "Etoile".7 swans out of 10.

Reviewed by Bunuel1976 6 / 10

ETOILE (Peter Del Monte, 1988) **1/2

This has been getting a belated reputation (I admit to being totally unfamiliar with it prior to a recommendation from a Maltese friend of mine last week!) as a sort of dry-run for one of last year's most acclaimed films, BLACK SWAN. In fact, it similarly deals with a young and beautiful ballerina whose life is inextricably altered when she applies for the starring role of the famous Tchaikovsky opus "Swan Lake" (though here everything eventually works its way to a happy ending).

While it does not go into the psychological avenues taken by Darren Aronofsky's recent effort, the film nonetheless plays out like a Kafkaesque thriller – with the two protagonists (the hero is a likable fellow American who happens to stay on the same floor of her Budapest hotel) sucked in by a vortex of surreal events that literally transcends the passage of time! If anything, ETOILE also recalls Hitchcock's VERTIGO (1958) in equal measures, as ageing and crippled impresario/dancer(!) Laurent Terzieff moulds leading lady Jennifer Connelly (still in her Euro-fantasy phase that had kicked off with Dario Argento's typically elaborate PHENOMENA [1984] and also comprised Jim Henson's kiddie film LABYRINTH [1986]) into a prima ballerina from a past age who had perished tragically after a performance. Interestingly, 17 year-old Connelly – though she is meant to be spell-bound and, thus, also unable to recognize the young man – slips into the intricacies of her dual role much more easily than Natalie Portman in BLACK SWAN!

A dilapidated country-house also plays a central part in the 're-enactment' – where the male lead (whose life had until then been controlled by art-collecting uncle Charles Durning, who is himself mysteriously hypnotized at one point, gets violent towards his relative and hit by a passing car!) eventually goes to meet the evil head-on just as the Tchaikovsky ballet is being played out on stage. He has to fight with a giant black swan which, when he kills, Terzieff falls dead in mid-performance elsewhere! In the end, while hardly a lost classic, this is a reasonably interesting (and stylish) effort, regardless of the BLACK SWAN connotations which will probably be attributed to it from here on in

Reviewed by ahovey 8 / 10

A dramatic movie full of rich detail, mystery, suspense, dance. Oh yes, Jennifer Connelly also dances Swan Lake!

I sent away to Japan for the this film. When I watched it, I was spellbound. To start with, in order to enjoy this film, I recommend that you watch a performance of Swan Lake beforehand. Jennifer Connelly's characters (Odette/Odile) will be told and danced with better understanding.

She plays two different women: Claire Hamilton and Natalie Horvath. In my opinion, Claire is Odette, innocent and graceful and Natalie Horvath is Odile, seductive and sadistic.

When Jason (Gary McCleery), Claire's new boyfriend, and Claire are together we hear beautiful soothing music. But when Jason and Natalie (Claire) are together we hear that perfect melancholy melody by Jurgen Kneiper.

Claire's character suddenly changes when she takes on the persona of Natalie Horvath, mentally and physically. It is always a challenge for an actress to take the role of a ballerina. She does do a bit of the dancing herself and looks beautiful while doing it. As Natalie she holds her head higher, walks gracefully, sits up straight, is more calm, and also has no memory of who she really is.

I won't give the entire plot away, but it's basically a story of suspense, mystery, ballet, love, supernatural powers, and a race against time itself. If you are a Jennifer Connelly or a Swan Lake fan, send for this. It is now on DVD.

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