Balls Out


Comedy / Sport

IMDb Rating 4.4 10 1438

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Jake Lacy as Caleb
D.C. Pierson as Bill
Beck Bennett as Dick
Michael Hogan as Mr. Albrecht
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deadsenator 4 / 10

So many jokes, and so few real laughs.

I stuck with it the whole way and like many of the cast already from their other endeavors (primarily SNL). This one simply fails to evolve into anything more than a few chuckles and yuks here and there.

The announcers added some good lines and the lead is likable. The pep/anti-pep talk was also a good joke. Technically speaking, the film is very good. It was shot well, editing and so forth are nicely executed.

My summary is that it is too weak for a five, but I didn't hate it either. You most assuredly should not pay to see this movie. Free...okay, but at the end, I can only give it a 4 of 10.

Reviewed by mnhertz26-818-895128 2 / 10

This is a B/C film... Don't let the reviews fool you

I first saw this movie rated here at a 7.7 and another rating site had 79%. The actors are C list and was probably shot in 2 days with a high school budget. I watched this movie for 30 minutes, which was 26 minutes too long. I was just waiting for it to be funny, interesting, or in any way entertaining. I'm not one of those raters who rate comedies against the likes of Shawshank Redemption. I even like stupid comedies if there is some effort put in or actual humor involved. It's kind of annoying that this movie ever showed up on my screen which led me to write this review. I will be shocked if the rating is above a 3 after a week. It was released yesterday straight to DVD for a reason. Don't waste your time and certainly don't waste your money!

Reviewed by rdwox 9 / 10

Great Slap Stick Sports Comedy!

I have always been a big fan of sports comedy. This one is an instant classic. Kate McKinnon will be a 20-30 million dollar actress someday, she is absolutely amazing in this film. The other cast members are great also. Beck Bennett was made for the "bad" guy role and Jake Lacy pulls it all together with the nice guy just trying to get through life thing he has going on in this film. Plenty of laugh out loud humor. I watched this movie when it was called "Intramural" at Tribeca Film Festival and now I have seen it as the re-branded "Balls Out", it is the same film. Highly recommended. If you like movies like "Dodge Ball" then you will love "Balls Out". Thanks for making something different and fun!

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