Balto III: Wings of Change


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 2692


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Carl Weathers as Kirby
Jean Smart as Stella
Sean Astin as Kodi
Kathy Najimy as Dipsy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jesper Brun 7 / 10

Closer to the feel of the original story, but still with problems.

Over all, Balto: Wings of Change is an improvement over the story of its predecessor, Wolf Quest. It sadly introduces a couple of new characters who are either annoying or pointless.

The two highlights of the second sequel to 1995's Balto are the story and the musical score. The story takes a little time to get going, but then it captures the heart of the original story.

Balto has a pup, Kodi, who is proud of delivering the US Mail, but feels threatened by the new and more effective air mail delivery. He and the other sleigh dogs compete against the plane to determine who is superior. When the plain crashes down, Kodi is torn between seeing the pilot as his enemy or human who needs help. It is also a better story than its predecessor.

Adam Berry did a good job scoring an atmospheric soundtrack. The songs were not especially memorable and one time the music did not match the mood of what was happening, but those are minor things.

The CG animation used stuck out at times and some of the character designs were a little flat, but story triumphs over visuals.

What brings this installment down is the new character, Stella. She is rather pointless. The side plot about her and Boris is pretty annoying and drags out the real story. The moose characters are also pretty lame. Muk and Luk have a little more to do in this movie and that is an improvement over their pointlessness in Wolf Quest.

Over all, Wings of Change has improved where it should have improved. It is a serviceable sequel without reaching the heights of the beautiful first movie.

Reviewed by ravsten428 1 / 10

Wings of cash grab.

This is an awful film! I have seen the whole Balto trilogy and I can't understand why they wanted to try and squeeze blood from a turnip. The first Balto was so-so. Wolfquest was a decent sequel, but this? Today I watched about five minutes into this film on YouTube and remembered why I hated it.

I would write a spoiler but I can't even remember what exactly this film is about except that it contains a story about one of Balto and Jenna's pups who is involved with aviation. Oops, I guess that is a spoiler. I guess I'll have to check the box.

Just how bad is this crap? Boris gets a girlfriend if that says anything.

Do yourself a favor and watch the other two instead. You'll be better off.

Reviewed by joaosantos-01821 10 / 10

Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!

Balto again pleases us with more film fun, with memorable and charismatic characters, with beautiful scenery and well made and with an impeccable soundtrack, the story is very good and shows Balto once again doing a heroic act and one of the best things is the back of her calf which is now grown,Kodi. appears also places that appear in the first film and if you pay attention, you will find some characters from previous films, is simply amazing, this third film is very well designed, and I loved the new look of Balto, this movie I see even after growing up, recommended for those who loves the story of the hero and also for those who love fun animated films , is a great classic of Universal that I'll never forget.

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