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Reviewed by datautisticgamer-74853 7 / 10

A solid conclusion to the Disney Nativity

As yet another film my aunt had on VHS, we took some time this morning to view it. I was expecting plenty from a film I hadn't seen for almost 13 years, but I did believe it would hold up. So what do I think?

I have to admit that this film did confuse me a bit with its scripting choices, such as the utilization of "twitterpated" to describe undeniable infatuation. For some reason, it felt slightly mature for Disney to make that choice, although we already had Pleasure Island and drunken hallucinations in the 2 preceding films of what I would call the Nativity era of Disney (or, the first 5 years before their 7 years of packages). I liked the acting and did find some of the humor to work, but I noticed that some parts of the film, such as a few scenes with Thumper and/or his sisters, were a tad too mean-spirited. One of the biggest disappointments of this film was the death of Bambi's mother; while it is indeed an emotional scene, it abruptly cuts away to Let's Sing a Gay Little Spring Song. I can understand how Disney thought that perhaps audiences might not desire such melancholy in the middle of WWII, but it was really distracting and overall was not done well as a death scene. I do have to say one good thing about it, though, in that it was a mistake I found Disney improved significantly upon 39 years later. The animation is above and beyond the standards of the Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry-infused 1942, with particularly fluid animations for the fire and also the perfect balance in the scenery between colorful and subdued. It was a sight to look at. Aside from the main song being the improper way to respond to one of the more iconic death scenes in Disney movies, I did overall think the music was above passable.

I am sure that children and their grandparents would appreciate this movie, although they'll probably take the death of Bambi's mother and how it is cut away much harder than I did. For the common viewer, it's overall worth your time for its animation, music, and humor. I'll say it is definitely the right kind of film to conclude an era of actual movies.

Reviewed by elicopperman 8 / 10

Love is a Song that Never Ends

Ah Bambi, what can one say about this cute innocent tale of a little deer growing up in the woods and then having his mother die?.....well OK, we all know about that on first glance, but what we also remember about Bambi is the artistry. The way the movie depicts nature is just stunning, from the trees, to the ground, to the meadows, to the fields, to the grass, to the water, to just about everything else. It really creates a sense of beauteous wonder that you don't find too often in animation.

Adding on to the gorgeous backgrounds and settings, the animation on the animals are phenomenal, and considering how hard animals are to animate (let alone draw), the movements are flawless and the designs look cute enough without being nauseating, fitting the movie's feel of cute sentimentality. But when the movie gets dark, so do the lighting and shadows, and it executes both incredibly well.

Storywise, it's basically just about a deer growing up in the woods, and that's it. Simple enough, yet honestly, that's why the movie works. Sometimes just seeing someone live from childhood to adulthood in a setting is interesting and captivating enough for a viewing experience. We were all children once in our lives, and this movie captures childhood really well by showing how innocent life was before we had to grow up. But then the death of Bambi's mother came, which has scared many for life, but it also taught folks that we must cherish the things we love, because nothing lasts forever, and it's important to hold on to them even when they pass on.

Overall, while the movie is mostly cutesy in the first half, Bambi still stands the test of time for its Luscious artistry, charming innocence, hauntingly soothing score, and its important lesson to be warned that not everything you love for last forever. If you have kids, let them grow up with this so they can remember how cute it is, as well as heartbreaking.

Reviewed by Jesper Brun 10 / 10

A slice of life in the forest.

Why such a low rating, people? Bambi, along with Pinocchio, is a perfect depiction of the often mischievous gift called life.

While the overall message of Pinocchio is directly out-spoken, Bambi masters the art of subtlety, because we never have to face one true evil and never see Man in the forest. Bambi just has to deal with the inevitable in life.

A slice of life is what Bambi is. We see him as a kid growing up to become the new great prince of the forest and he faces both happiness, rivalry, love and even loss of loved ones.

Bambi makes kids acquainted with all sorts of emotions and the beauty of the forest with heavily atmospheric music and visuals instead of sugar-coating it with all happy and bouncy talking animals without any educational aspect or depth to them.

That is the definition of an excellent animated movie. There is enough for both kids and adults without insulting the intelligence of kids. Easily one of Disney's best.

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