Barbarous Mexico

2014 [SPANISH]


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Reviewed by nogodnomasters 7 / 10


This is a series of 8 horror stories from Mexico. Some contain supernatural elements, some do not. It claims to be 115 minutes long, but that includes about 18 minutes of end credit runs for 8 films. The films themselves range from 8 to 16 minutes in length.

All the episodes are in Spanish (or Mexican for you Trump supporters) and they have English subtitles. It seems the English "whatever" used as a slang answer has made its way into Mexico. The titles to each feature is shown at the end as titles can be plot spoilers. One film was mostly in black and white and another feature looked like an old drive-in film. I suspect they were both that way by design.

If you could take a 90 minute film and try to show the best features in 15 minutes, that is what about what you get. For instance, if you were to show FROM DUSK TO DAWN in 15 minutes, you would show the bar scene and everyone would be happy. I just happen to pick that out because the DVD cover is that of a stripper celebrating the DAY OF THE DEAD at a night club.

Some of the films include erotic scenes such as the seduction of an outlaw, and a woman being undressed while her sister.

Guide: F-bomb, sex, and nudity.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 5 / 10

Mexican for portmanteau

The Cine de Terror Mexicano movement brings us eight different stories by eight unique Mexican voices spread out throughout the country. These stories bring to life the most brutally terrifying Mexican traditions and legends using modern film techniques.

All eight of the directors were given free rein to decide on the genre and style of film they'd want to make.

The first story, Tzompantli, is by Laurette Flores, a relative newcomer. It fits into the nota roja, or red note, story tradition of the horrifying practices of drug dealers and Satanists, as well as how they visit horror on normal people. This tale is about a gang of dealers who trace their traditions back to the Aztecs.

Jaral de Berrios by Edgar Nito, who recently made The Gasoline Thieves. His work also fits into the criminal side of horror, focusing on two thieves hiding in the ruins of Hacienda del Jaral de Berrios, which was once home to one of Mexico's richest families before descending into dust.

Aaron Soto's Drean (Drain) is a lesson as to why you should never smoke a joint that you find on a dead body. Trust me. It does not end well.

Isaac Ezban, who made The Similars, seems to be channeling the spirit of 1990's VHS-era Mexico gore with his story La Cosa mas Preciada (That Precious Thing). A night of lovemaking in the woods turns incredibly disgusting, thanks to some local trolls. I would have loved to have seen this segment with a rowdy theater.

Lo Que Importa es lo de Adentro (What's Important is Inside) is by Lex Ortega and concerns a special needs girl and the boogieman that she is sure is her building's handyman.

Jorge Michel Grau is best known to American audiences for We Are What We Are. His story is Munecas (Dolls) and fits the slasher genre quite well, along with - of course - disturbing doll imagery. I've said it before and will say it many more times, but no one makes dolls more disturbing than Mexican filmmakers.

Ulises Guzman, who has worked as a stuntman, writer and even an editor, directed Siete Veces Siete (Seven Times Seven), which is about a ritual to bring back the guilty and make them pay after death.

Finally, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is by GiGi Saul Guerrero, who has acted in several films, as well as creating and directing the horror web series La Quinceanera. It's pretty much an excuse for strippers to dress as skeletal creatures and murder their clients. Please don't take that as a criticism, as this scene was very well shot and was quite entertaining. This scene was originally a short film shot in 2013.

Much like all modern anthology films, this is a mixed bag. There's no link between the stories, other than the talent is all from Mexico. Maybe it will introduce you to some new filmmakers. Or you'll be bored by it. It's certainly better than the majority of the tossed together streaming movies that come up north just about every day.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 4 / 10

A wannabe anthology film done very badly.

The first one - Awful. The second one has good boobs, good atmosphere n a bit western feel. The third one is beyond redemption. The 4th one is gross n not at all funny. The 5th one is again offensive like the previous one. The 6th one is unnecessarily shot in bnw. Camera lingers on ruined toys for a long time. There is some creepy music n then the big wtf end. The 7th one is a revenge story but done very badly with a bit of gore. The last one is silly but very gory. Its about strippers but there ain't no nudity but lots of gore. A man's nose get bitten off, another one's eyeball gets pierced, another one's eardrum gets pierced, face gets bludgeoned, face gets smashed, hand gets chopped, neck gets stabbed, neck gets sliced by a barbwire. Shockingly the end credits goes on for 16 mins.

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