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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 21%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
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John Travolta as Hardy
Giovanni Ribisi as Kendall
Connie Nielsen as Osborne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ReelCheese 7 / 10

Strong, Original, Entertaining

Tagged by many critics as overly predictable despite trying to be the complete opposite, BASIC is nevertheless a strong, original and entertaining film.

The cast, from big names John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson to lesser-knowns Connie Nielsen and Taye Diggs, ably unravels the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a reviled army sergeant during a hardcore training outing. The episode is recounted in as many ways by as many witnesses, an interesting method that has worked so well in other films such as COURAGE UNDER FIRE. It may all seem confusing at first, but gifted director John McTiernan gradually weaves everything together, though perhaps not as seamlessly as one would ideally prefer.

BASIC is not without its flaws, but they are not as glaring as one might think from professional reviews, or even many of the comments on this website. Its originality is welcome at a time when so many films follow the same cookie-cutter formula.

Reviewed by John (red44) 1 / 10

Scrambled Mess!

*Spoilers Herein...

Well, all I can say is that the studio had a barefaced cheek to release this rancid monstrosity of film-making on a paying public. The ridiculous number of plot twist scenarios became tiresome very quickly and I got to the stage where I thought I must have been having a bad dream because there is no way I could actually be sitting in a cinema watching this convoluted dogs dinner of a movie. James Vanderbilt, the screenwriter, must have bamboozled himself dizzy writing this guff. And don't think the rest of you are getting off that lightly either - I'm pointing my finger at everyone involved here - McTiernan, Travolta, Jackson et al. Experienced filmmakers all cocking up big style, and it's all up there on the big silver screen for you to see, if, like me, you're foolish enough to pay to see it. Oh, and let us not forget the smug ending - we're so clever - no, you're not! Maybe my brain was scrambled (with rage) by that point but I believe the ending even hinted at some potential action adventure sequel based around the antics of the elite 'section 8' team. Now, if the filmmakers really did have a sequel in mind then maybe they should all be sectioned themselves because they must be mad! Scrambled brain anyone?

Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 2 / 10

Not a very good film

I just finished streaming this flick for the first time on the free section of Amazon Prime Video and i was bored throughout, i continued to stick with it until the very end because as a film critic at heart as well as an unpaid critic i will always give a film a chance after i hit the "watch now" button unless it becomes unwatchable, this movie is not that, but it is everything else bad, it is slow-paced, the acting is fine - but that isn't the problem, the problem is the overall plot! for a thriller it is not thrilling, it is not suspenseful even though they desperately try and make it that way. I'll give this film a 2 rating instead of 1 because the plot-twist is actually clever and unexpected, but overall this movie is just not very good.

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