Bayonetta: Bloody Fate - Beyonetta buraddi feito


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Victreebong 7 / 10

Full throttle, just like the game!

Nobody's reviewed the new movie yet on IMDb (probably soaking up every last minute of the new game and the re-release), so I thought I'd step up.

Bloody Fate is a mixed bag. Intense action, check. Iconic sassy hyper sexual feminine character in spex stripping half-naked, double check. Mercilessly killing faceless nondescript enemies, check. Half-baked exposition characters thrown in randomly to keep the plot loosely connected, yep. Poor pacing, unfortunately.

Bloody Fate sticks to the first game in the series almost verbatim. Don't let the director's commentary persuade you otherwise. The characters, the lore, the events, even the inside jokes feel like their ripped straight from the cut-scenes. Even the chronological areas visited and recalled by our heroine come from the first game. Which is good, REALLY good... if you are a fan of the first game. If you are a casual watcher, Bayonetta: Bloody Fate is going to feel a little hollow and stale, which is something Bayonetta is anything but. But if you're a fan of the series, you'll get way more bang for your buck.

90 minutes is a lot of time for a single entry anime, but to fit all the events from the game into a film while still keeping up the interests of the niche fan base, things were cut. We start off with a bang, and then a roar, Bayonetta doing what she does best killing Lumen angels in church before going up against a Beloved. A little explanation, more action, and then the movie goes from a roar to dull murmur at the 30 min mark. With the entry of a certain figure that will no doubt go down as the most annoying supporting character since the Brown Wizard, the movie turns cringe worthy. Minor spoilers would give away who this person is, which is just simply THE definition of irony. Trust me, the twist will surprise no one. (I lost count how many times the word Mummy was mentioned after 30.) What follows is a gratuitous display of fan service PG boobs, and unnecessary clothed crotch and butt shots. Fans of the series will be at home with this, newcomers in a mixed crowd will probably be looking back and forth. For a title that made TV-MA, this blows. We're adults, show nipples. With the amount of time they spent drawing Bayonetta's body parts, they may just as well.

Things pick up again after the 50 minute mark, but suddenly the movie goes to fast too keep up with how places are connected, and where our heroes are headed. The verbiage of the series is arresting, and you wont get it in one sitting, even if the tropes are routine. Fore shading and plot twists come out, but the whole three realms and Purgatory references along with the theological aspects are just too filler to get in one sitting. Even more distracting is the action, which even in the middle half doldrums doesn't stop.

All that being said, when it comes to classic femme fatale, perfectly executed BAMF moments, eccentric character creation and perfectly drawn animation, Gonzo and Toei really did their homework. I have the Blu-ray and I have yet to find a single artifact or banding issue in the movie. Gorgeous doesn't do B:BF justice. Also, the original voice actors from the first game make their return! If you weren't aware, Hellena Taylor actually voiced the character before the Japanese voice actors were picked, making Bayonetta by default British. Saucy, British... You'd think you were listening to a sex chat operator.

As far as additional features, the set is lacking. A director's track along with Hellena Taylor giving a brief history of Pinewood studios is just about all there is. Trailers, and storyboard sketches comprise the rest. If there's a complaint I have about additional features, it's that there's no subtitles for the English dub, and the audio is by default in 5.1 no matter what language you pick. For people who like to know exact words this is frustrating. British is NOT American, and accents distract.

All in all, Bloody Fate does well, but has some issues. Think Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, but with a chick, and a really annoying child. If it weren't for the second act lull, I'd give it a nine because the movie does what the games do; kick ass and look good doing it! I'd recommend Bloody Fate for anyone who loves Bayonetta.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10


This is a film based on a video game. Seldom are the any good. This one takes two and half minutes of narration to explain the plot. The film combines various religious beliefs and portrays the power of light or goodness as being evil because they want to create a new the expense of the old one. This is done by bringing together two eyes. Bayonetta has one of the eyes as well as a healthy case of amnesia after a 500 year sleep in a chained coffin at the bottom of a lake. She is our protagonist who kills angels in a film that blurs good and evil as a yin/yang.

Based on a video game, there is little to no plot as Bayonetta fights just about everyone and at time sacrifices her clothes to do so. She wears her hair in strategic places to prevent technical nudity of a cartoon, although the characters do drop the F-bomb.

If watching stacked cartoon characters fighting, this one has it.

Reviewed by datautisticgamer-74853 6 / 10

Worthy as an adaptation

I spent some time today to watch a Blu-Ray copy of this film. As a gift from my brother, we planned to watch the subtitled original together. This review will cover the Funimation dub, so obviously there will be differences.

The story possesses many similarities to the plot of the first Bayonetta video game, with a few differences that make it more original overall than many other movie tie-ins. Granted, it's still not enough to make it seem like more than video game cutscenes drawn in anime, but it delivers on the action and occasional humor or drama with more success than others of its kind. If you have played Bayonetta, then the characters should feel very familiar. For audiences who haven't one bit of knowledge, they can be hard to grasp considering how reliant the writing is on the game's plot. We have the trope of a protagonist's family member for a villain in Balder, the forgotten child Bayonetta, her enabler Jeanne, the tough guy Rodin, and the informant Enzo, the characters are only as complex as they are in the game they came from. To its credit, Bayonetta does have a more deep plot compared to many other video games, so it does work out. Very easily, the animation is the best thing about this movie. The fantasy elements, monsters, and action work gracefully and pristinely with Gonzo's style of anime. The effects are enough to make the fights compelling to watch, while the ideas from the video games (such as the Gomorrah that Bayonetta summons with Avavago) look really amazing with the environments.

If you like Bayonetta or are familiar with the franchise, this film is somewhat unremarkable besides just looking like an eye candy version of gameplay. For common audiences (no children, there is graphic violence, language, and nudity, like a classic R film), it may come off as just another otaku movie that isn't designed to cater to a general audience. I didn't find it too interesting, but for some people, its very strong animation and overall higher quality compared to other video game movies may come off as a delightful surprise.

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