Be Kind Rewind


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 65%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 87444

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Jack Black as Jerry
Sigourney Weaver as Ms. Lawson
Danny Glover as Mr. Fletcher
Mia Farrow as Miss Falewicz
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1 hr 42 min
P/S 3 / 21

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by framptonhollis 9 / 10

A heartfelt comedy about the joys of cinema

It is truly perplexing that such a brilliant and heartwarming little movie is so severely underrated. The fact that the IMDb score is under a 7.0 is beyond me, and I wish this film got the exposure and praise it so deeply deserves.

Stripped of any possible cynicism, this is an enchanting story focusing on the pleasures of making, watching, and sharing movies. Fans of the cinema will most likely be able to share the excitement the likable protagonists feel as they bumble along this hilarious and occasionally heartwarming odyssey through the world of amateur filmmaking.

The premise of this movie within itself is of such quality that it seems nearly impossible for it to craft a movie that is anything less than awesome. Be Kind Rewind manages to not only be awesome, but also a cheerful reminder of how movies can really be magic. Without the doomful forces of the Hollywood system tormenting them, the independent artists at the center of this work are able to make their own mini masterpieces that encapsulate an underground charm that makes me both feel amusement and warmth.

Michel Gondry shoots the film with his trademark stylistic lens in a way that captures the story's joyous material with near perfection. The acting is also fantastic as Jack Black serves as the movie's main source of humor, and Mos Def is charming as the man trying to chaperon his slightly loony but spectacularly ambitious sidekick as he, too, soon is seduced by the miraculous powers of filmmaking.

Anyone who often plunges into cinematic shores and enjoys a good laugh, as well as the occasional tear, must dive right in to this charming comedy that is full of heart and laughs.

Reviewed by Bernie Sauer 7 / 10

Everyone in this film has half a brain. Good thing it's the right half.

VHS. VCR. Video. Video Rental.

Such were the terminologies when videotapes could be rented, watched, and then returned only to be rented again by your next door neighbor who complained that the tape wasn't rewound at the time of purchase. "Be Kind Rewind" was the annoying slogan plastered on the bulky piece of plastic.

In Michel Gondry's radically original flick, two lowly video store clerks are faced with the challenge of not only renting out a dying breed of videotapes but making them as well.

There's no way of describing Be Kind Rewind's plot without smirking, but I'll try: Loser drifter, Jerry (played by crazy Jack Black), is accidentally "magnetized" by a nearby electrical plant. On an innocent stroll to the local New Jersey video/thrift store, he accidentally demagnetizes or "clears" all the contents of the videotapes on display. In an effort to save the old shop's business, co-manager, Mike (a composed Mos Def of a more popular reference to rap music), and idiotic Jerry come up with an amazing plan: re-film all the erased videos with themselves as the actors through the lens of a cheap, handy camcorder.

I know this sounds stupid, ludicrous, and out of this world, and all three observations are correct. These two characters really are stupid, really believe in their ludicrous plan, and after the first 30 minutes, you realize that you really aren't in Kansas anymore.

Mike and Jerry's renditions are so bad, they're hilariously good. Plus, although it may seem chaotic, this film embraces a refreshing outlook: Movies are fun, but they're more fun to make.

Reviewed by GooseReviews 6 / 10

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This comedy-drama written and directed by Michel Gondry is really worth seeing. All movies in a rental store are accidentally erased. In order to stay in business and do not let the owner down, store clerks decide to shoot movies by themselves. Their versions of the movies are hit! In order to prevent the building where the store is located, they decide to shoot their own movie. Funny and warm. Main characters seem to be authentic. It was really nice to see

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