Beautiful New Bay Area Project


Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 4.3 10 517

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by formotog 7 / 10

Beautiful New Bay Area Project

Idk why people are hating on this so much. I thought it was hilarious. A quite stylish short, it detailed a CEO bum's failed quest to pull a construction worker. I honestly did not expect the route it took after that, but it was great. It was like one of those elevator games or that episode of spongebob where you work your way up to the final boss. Except in this case, the final boss is a pathetic blithering moron "protected" by an equally pathetic henchman who gets absolutely destroyed. I thought it was very funny, well choreographed, and stylistically shot, and I'm not sure why so many didn't like it. What's not to like? Was it because the so-called traditional gender roles got flipped on their head? A construction woman absolutely obliterating security guards was great to watch. Of course, this was never going to be the short equivalent of Seven Samurai or whatever but nonetheless it was very nicely done

High 7

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