Beauty in the Broken


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 436

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Lisa Marie as Nurse Sally

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by videogamenews 9 / 10

Excellent romantic comedy

If you've had enough of explosions, zombies and superheroes this is the perfect film for you. A romantic comedy with all the qualities of the best in the genre, without being corny or repetitive. Even the soundtrack is good, with a recurring theme that's catchy and very appropriate for this movie.

Briana Cuoco is EXCELLENT as the female protagonist with a standout performance that's sadly been seen by few people (otherwise her career would've really took off). She's expressive, funny and unpredictable in almost all her scenes and really brings the plot alive.

The rest of the cast delivers too, but they play their parts in a more traditional way.

The only "bad" points are the somewhat typical ending and the limited number of locations, probably for budget reasons. Anyway, Beauty in the Broken is one of the best indie films I've seen this year, and I'm not even a fan of the genre.

Reviewed by thepresentablechick 10 / 10

Simply a beautiful movie

One of the most sincere romantic movies I have seen in recent times. Great story... wonderful actors. Movie was well played and I can say the actors esp the lead actors put in their best to represent their characters. One of my fav movies......

Reviewed by dalear 8 / 10

Bri is splendid

I would have given this movie a 5 star rating, but Brianna Cuoco is superb in her role. Her performance is worth another 3 stars to me. She dominated the screen whenever she was on it. I believe her talent is way above her sister's- Kaley Cuoco. This is a romantic comedy w/ some elements of drama thrown in. Brianna should be a star!

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