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George Wallace as Card Player #4
Marques Houston as Kahlil
Faizon Love as Robin Harris
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Reviewed by Quinoa1984 7 / 10

Spike Lee meets Disney

This is the first animated feature aimed at black audiences, and it actually works pretty well. The film is based loosely on a bit by comic Robin Harris (who can be seen in his routine in the beginning credits) where he looks back on a day where he goes on a date with a woman, and tagging along are her son and three brats that are her friend's kids. They go to a amusement park, and then the fun starts (coincidentally, the park is called Funworld). Filled with good humor, bright animation, and the intro (for me anyway) of the mama insults (ie- Your momma's so dumb, she heard it was chili outside, she went and got a bowl). Featuring Faizon Love as the voice of Robin Harris (Harris died before the movie was to be made) and Tone Loc as Pee-Wee. A-

Reviewed by crazypoohbear69_050 8 / 10

Another fond memory of my childhood...

As a child I loved this movie and couldn't stop watching. My friends and I made this movie part of our weekend routine. So I decided to watch it recently to see if it was as funny as I thought it was. It turned out it was even better. Now that I am older I can enjoy the more mature jokes rather than just the hilarious antics the kids get themselves into. I am curious though about all the African-American stereotypes in this film others have commented on. It certainly can't be the kids as all races have their "bad apples". I actually think it defies some myths about African-Americans. Such as the stereotype that black men don't care about kids. Here we see a black man not only taking care of children, but other people's children. This movie even depicts the real problem of racial profiling (The security officers paying close attention on one of the Bebe children just because of how he dresses. Even though he is only a child.) All in all I believe this movie and the experience along with it some of my best childhood memories.

Reviewed by mjneu59 6 / 10

an antidote to Disney

Because so many children's animated films are actually only thinly disguised morality lessons and/or merchandising gimmicks, it's refreshing to find an acerbic, often tasteless cartoon feature willing to promote a little healthy skepticism instead. The basic premise, suggested by what had been a familiar routine by the late stand-up comedian Robin Harris, might resemble typical Saturday morning TV fodder: the gruff but (almost) lovable Harris (a kindred spirit to W.C. Fields) is conned into chaperoning a trio of pint-sized troublemakers to Fun World, a local amusement park. But underneath the rap soundtrack padding and heartfelt, homeopathic preaching about the virtues of self-esteem is a good deal of subversive, post-Rodney King cynicism. Fun World itself is analogous to White America in the 1990s, complete with secret police, remote surveillance, and a robot Richard Nixon (sounding not unlike Jimmy Stewart). The film was originally planned as a live-action comedy, but it probably works better as animation, where the cartoon exaggeration can be an advantage. Favorite character: little Baby Pee-Wee, with a voice "like a hundred packs of cigarettes" and a constant cloud of flies around his sagging diaper.

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