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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 219

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Daphne Alexander as British Journalist
Michael Stuhlbarg as April's Father
Boyd Holbrook as Tynan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by matthewlineham 5 / 10

Pay check? Or horrible Director

This will be very brief but it's basically as per the title. Either John David Washington was offered a fat pay check to star in this and he phoned in his performance.


The director is legitimately amateur hour.

This movie at so many points contains poorly shot scenes that feel amateur. Dialogue and responses that lack urgency or feeling like a real person would behave that way etc.

The way the main character behaves despite his girlfriend being dead and being aggressively pursued is laughable. Zero sense of urgency, no sense that he's legitimately terrified etc.

It just kind of lurches from scene to scene and theee is no impact and it feels like it was shot on the wrong film or lens. Feels super amateur hour.

Reviewed by rux_z 1 / 10


I love Denzel Washington. His son can't act to save his life. This is a blatant case of nepotism. The script, the direction, all the Greek villagers speaking fluent English. So bad, I can't even believe it. What was Alicia Vikander thinking, she can do so much better.

Reviewed by cheungkinmen 4 / 10

The ending...

I liked the movie, I was going to give it an 8 UNTIL Beckett jumped from 4 stories down ON TOP of the car he was chasing on foot, what timing! I guess he channeled his father Denzel Washington in that last bit.

That particular scene didn't sit right in my opinion, it's also an action movie of course, with guns and non stop chasing, but pulling off that kind of feat, with the "realistic" pacing it had, was kind of over the top. Pun intended.

From 8 stars down to 4. Minus 4 stars for each floor.

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