Before This Night Is Over

1966 [SLOVAK]


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Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 9 / 10

"Take a journey to the bright midnight,End of the night,End of the night."

Whilst taking part in ICM's Eastern European viewing challenge I've been keeping a look out of titles unknown to me popping up. Checking fellow IMDber manfromplanetx page,I found a superb review for a Slovak/Czech New Wave film I've heard nothing about before,which led to me rushing for a viewing before the night is over.

View on the film:

Partying in one club for the whole night, the score by Jozef Novan/ Milos Jurkovic and Jaroslav Laifer keep the tunes spinning all night,thanks to the dance sequences moving to a Surf Rock-style howl,which fades into a Big Band Jazzy simmer as the end of the night appears on the horizon. Spending the whole night in just one nightclub, co-writer/(with Tibor Vichta) director Peter Solan & cinematographer Vincent Rosinec keep the limited location sparkling for the whole run time with chic Czech New Wave (CNW) stylisation across the long,winding pans across the Art Deco walls and precisely positioned shots of three people chatting to reflect up close and personal everyone at the club is.

Planned to be made in 1957 under the original titles of either Before This Day Ends or Talking About Eve but blocked from getting state approval due to being seen as "Anti-social" until June 1965. Proving the delay to be worth the wait, the screenplay by Solan and Vichta twirls a CNW kaleidoscope character study of various guests across the night. Giving the cast only the outline of scenes but not the dialogue, Solan experimental style allows a realist quality to blossom in the exchanges between guests such as Balaz's hope to get close to his fellow boozers and Kvetinka and Milos's going for a night on the town in the hope of meeting lovely ladies,thanks to each exchange having a "in the moment" atmosphere fitting when meeting in a night club for the first time,where all hopes are dashed before this night is over.

Reviewed by manfromplanetx 9 / 10

Before this Night is Over...

An exceptional film from Peter Solan places us amid the relationships the interactions playing out between a handful patrons and the employees of a trendy Slovak nightclub. Overt the course of just one evening this confined setting film is a clever and brilliant psychological study. Wonderfully innovative & improvisational filmmaking, having no substantial plot the film is however totally engaging from start to finish. With great emotional depth the complexities of social interaction of our human psyche are thoughtfully portrayed building an incisive engrossing drama . A terrific cast of characters are accompanied with a swing band and dancing girls who keep the patrons entertained throughout, Masterly crafted from the director & crew, Kým sa skoncí táto noc is vibrant universally appealing an outstanding highlight of mid 60s Czech New Wave... Highly Recommended !!

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