Before Your Time



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by landonkasten-98178 10 / 10

Great family film

I loved before your time! Its was so nice a movie that the whole family could watch together. Its proof that a small community could make something great together! Check it out, you'll love it!

Reviewed by chickity 10 / 10

Awesome community film!

This film was made from volunteers in Davis county Utah, so amazing! It took a lot of work and the hard work paid off! What a wonderful film for all ages.

Reviewed by jwwilkinsn 9 / 10

Great story, amazing music! Highly recommend!

Local movie made in a small community, but it's amazing the quality that was accomplished! While a few scenes and characters show the inexperience of the actors, for the most part solid performances are given. The cinematography is excellent and the soundtrack is awesome. Hard to believe all are amateurs...Hollywood, beware! This film proves you can make much better, more meaningful shows for less.

A story that will catch your attention and carry you through to the well-resolved end, leaving you feeling good about life and uplifted (rare in movies nowadays).

Great for all ages. No objectionable material, but there is one nighttime adventure that is spooky, and one light swear word that is a written joke, but is not spoken. Children would not even see it. It's so wonderful to have a really good, meaningful, fun film the entire family can enjoy together without worrying about hiding anyone's eyes or covering ears.

The message is clear, uplifting, and life-affirming for all ages. If you're feeling depressed, are struggling with life's challenges, have lost a loved one, watch this movie and feel lighter of heart after, without being preached to. If you just want to feel-good movie even your teens will enjoy, and to have some good laughs, watch this movie.

You'll find yourself humming the music after for days, and being glad to do so.

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