2014 [RUSSIAN]

Adventure / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 44

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Slavic 7 / 10

Good adventure thriller!

This is a good movie. It had a good pace and lots of action. There are not so many movies like this one about this part of history in the Soviet Russia. I think this movie worked overall well and kept me on the edge. I liked how bounty hunters were portrayed and their way of life and cruelty. And there are a few violent deaths shown there, so movie is not for the kiddies. But to me this movie lacked solid story. It was really a simple story, but the action made up for it. I thought that the ending was good if not a bit simple.

I am a fan of Liz Boyarskaya. She did a very exceptional job as the mute girl. There's one scene you going to like boys. Oh, but I think this role was wasted on her. She can do better than this. She needs to talk in film, I don't like when she is not talking. I was waiting and thinking I knew the cliche ending is coming where she will be talking again, but surprisingly no! Elizaveta Mikhailovna, vy ochen' talantlivy, ya nadeyus' y vas eshe budet mnogo horoshih rolei!

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