Bell Book and Candle


Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

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James Stewart as Shepherd Henderson
Kim Novak as Gillian Holroyd
Jack Lemmon as Nicky Holroyd
Elsa Lanchester as Queenie Holroyd
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 9 / 10

Adorable Halloween romance!

I first saw Bell Book and Candle as a kid, and I remember completely falling in love with Kim Novak and James Stewart as a couple. It was many years before I saw them in their first pairing, Vertigo, and to this day, I still prefer the witchcraft to the Hitchcock.

Kim Novak is a beautiful, modern-day witch living in New York City, hiding her powers from normal people, including her neighbor James Stewart. Jimmy is engaged to Janice Rule, whom Kim Novak hates, so she casts a little spell to exact revenge. Under the love spell, Jimmy dumps his fiancé and falls for Kim, but when she starts to fall in love with him too, what's a witch to do? This is a great movie to watch on Halloween, if you don't like scary movies but still want a festive flick. Despite Jack Lemmon's manic bongo playing and Elsa Lanchester's normal facial expressions, there's really nothing spooky about this movie. Kim has a beautiful Siamese cat, and sometimes a little spooky music plays as she talks to her cat and casts a spell, but it's more alluring than scary.

I love this movie, and while I found James Stewart very attractive in his silver-haired glory, he sadly felt he was too old to continue playing romantic leads, even though he was only fifty. This was his last one, and he went on to play nonromantic movies. Jimmy and Kim make an adorable couple, and their chemistry is lovely. If you've never seen this cute magical flick, give it a watch this October and get ready to fall in love.

Reviewed by jotix100 8 / 10


"Bell Book and Candle" was shown recently on cable. Not having seen it for a while, we decided to take another look at this comedy. Based on the James Van Druten's Broadway hit, which was a vehicle for Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer in the early fifties, the film was adapted for the screen by Daniel Taradash. The film was directed by Richard Quine, who turned the play into a delightful comedy.

Evidently, judging by some of the comments submitted by IMDb, the big issue seems to be the pairing of the two stars, who had collaborated on "Vertigo", released the same year. Movie audiences didn't think anything about the age difference when this film was released. In fact, most of the aging male stars of that period were always involved with much younger women.

The film set in Manhattan during Christmas is a delightful comedy that has enchanted viewers. Kim Novak was at the height of her beauty as it's clear the camera adored her no matter what was she playing. As the witch that becomes human, her Gillian is charming. James Stewart, who plays the publisher Shep' Henderson, is also seen at his best. Mr. Stewart was an excellent comedy actor who shows in here why he was at the top.

In supporting roles the wonderful Elsa Lanchester, playing Queenie, is a welcome addition to any movie, as she proves here. Jack Lemmon's Nicky Holroyd, the brother of Gillian, is also good. Ernie Kovacs is also seen as the writer Sidney Radlitch.

This is an excellent way to spend a winter night at home watching "Bell Book and Candle".

Reviewed by robert48-1 10 / 10

Puberty Catalyst

I researched this film a little and discovered a web site that claims it was actually an inside joke about the Post WWII Greenwich Village world of gays and lesbians. With the exception of Stewart and Novak, the warlocks and witches represented that alternative lifestyle. John Van Druten who wrote the stage play was apparently gay and very familiar with this Greenwich Village. I thought this was ironic because I first saw Bell, Book and Candle in the theater when I was in 5th or 6th grade just because my parents took me. It was hard to get me to a movie that didn't include horses, machine guns, or alien monsters and I planned on being bored. But, I remember the moment when Jimmy Stewart embraced Kim Novak on the top of the Flatiron building and flung his hat away while the camera followed it fluttering to the ground. As the glorious George Duning love theme soared, I suddenly got a sense of what it felt like to fall in love. The first stirrings of romantic/sexual love left me dazed as I left the theater. I am sure I'm not the only pre-adolescent boy who was seduced by Kim Novak's startling, direct gaze. It's ironic that a gay parable was able to jump-start heterosexual puberty in so many of us. I am in my late 50's now and re-watched the film yesterday evening and those same feelings stirred as I watched that hat touch down fifty years later . . .

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