Belle & Sebastian

2013 [FRENCH]

Adventure / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 4764

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

A nice family film

Belle and Sebastian was originally a novel by the French actress and writer, Cécile Aubry. The story was very popular and was made into a French live-action series in 1965. Oddly, it later was a Japanese anime in the 1980s and now is a French film. Although the story is quite popular in France, I'd never heard of it and I cannot compare this film in any way to the other projects. The anime, series or book could be a lot better or worse…I just don't know.

This film is set during WWII in the French Alps. Sebastian is a 6 year- old boy who lives with his adopted grandfather and his niece. The boy is amazingly independent and resourceful—and as the film progresses you marvel at the kid's courage and tenacity. Initially you see it when the men of the village go off in search of an animal that is killing sheep. They assume it's a dog that has gone feral and they are determined to kill it. One day, Sebastian is walking in the hills and encounters the dog—and this Great Pyrenees doesn't seem particularly aggressive and the boy stands there and calmly talks to it. When the boy sees the dog again later, he even gets the dog to allow him to pet him and soon the pair are friends. But, the men have vowed to kill this animal and when Grandpa sees the animal, Sebastian goes so far as to stand in front of the dog to shield it from the gun. This is a good thing because later, it turns out that it's NOT this dog that is harming the sheep. Additionally, towards the end of the film, the dog turns out to be a serious blessing. But, what that is and how he helps saves some lives is something best seen by you.

Although this film has some Nazis in it, the film is appropriate for all ages. The violence is not too extreme and the film is similar in style to the old movie "Lassie Come Home"—charming and family-oriented entertainment. The star of Belle and Sebastian clearly is the location and the cinematography. It's rare to ever see a film so beautiful and the film truly is breathtaking. Additionally, you really have to admire the cast and crew for working some pretty extreme conditions to bring us the movie. Well worth seeing—particularly if you are looking for something you won't be ashamed to show your kids or mother!

Reviewed by emilie-sandron 8 / 10

A fresh and moving movie

Belle and Sebastian, initially an excellent novel written by Cécile Aubry, has been adapted in movie by Nicolas Vanier. This beautiful and charming story makes a perfect family movie. Children as well as adults can enjoy it!

First, the story takes place during the WWII in the French Alps. Sebastian is a 6 year young boy, raised by his adopted grandfather. This little adventurer spends much time in the nature, playing with all it offers. One day, some sheep are found attacked. Everybody thinks that's a cruel and dangerous animal but during a walk, Sebastian meets this mysterious beast. It appears that it is a dog, a so cute dog that the boy recalled 'Belle'. At this moment, an unequaled friendship has just begun. Unfortunately, the determinate grandfather and his band have to kill the dog. Sebastian is so hungry with it and takes care of his best friend in secret. The boy will prove that the dog is not a bad animal the day it saves a life.

That lovely relation between a dog and a child is really pleasant for those who want to see a piece of sweet in this violent world period. In fact, we can also feel the strong atmosphere of occupation in that movie. A good point is definitely the beautiful mountainous landscapes. If you are fond of nature, you should be filled with Belle and Sebastian. We also have to notice the performance of Félix Bossuet, the young Sebastian who's particularly effective in his role.

In a word, I really recommend you this movie, a French one, something different than the full effects American movies. We sometimes need to see and enjoy simple things as a true friendship.

Reviewed by gradyharp 8 / 10

For the love of a dog

Nicholas Vanier directed this adaptation of Cécile Aubry's novel (adaptation and screenplay by director Vanier with Juliette Sales and Fabien Suarez) n a film that is in both French and German with English subtitles. The result is a film for the heart – a reminder that during the atrocities of WW II there were moments of meaningful relationships, especially between animals and people (remember 'War Horse'?).

The film is set during WWII in the snowy Alps of occupied France, on the border of Switzerland. Six year old Sébastien (Félix Bossuet), raised and adopted by his grandfather, is lonely and dreaming of the day his mother will return from America for him. He befriends an enormous yet gentle sheepdog Belle who quickly becomes his best friend and protector. With Nazis in the village rooting out the resistance fighters helping Jewish refugees cross the border, Belle and Sébastien's loyalty to each other and the village that has embraced them both will be put to the test.

The scenery is magnificent and the acting by the young and gifted Félix Bossuet is extraordinary. It is a moment of devotion and love and caring and protection during WW II that creates a strong sense of caring about the true meaning of friendship.

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