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Reviewed by rajan_bains-95831 9 / 10

Thanks Gavin newsom

Pretty good doc. The owner seems like a really good dude and it sucks that him and other small businesses went under due to Gavin newsom and other politicians alike. This business would still be alive if it wasn't for the ridiculous rules set in LA that only hurt small business.

Reviewed by s_denn1 10 / 10

Awesome doc that tells an important story

This was a really well done documentary that captures part of a culturally and historically significant period in American history on film. During the pandemic, we all heard stories about how hard the shutdowns impacted small businesses, particularly restaurants. This doc follows one such restaurant, Belle Vie, throughout the pandemic and offers a real look at the type of struggles faced by so many small businesses.

I think what really elevated this film though was the approach taken towards the subject matter. It would have been incredibly easy to fill hours of screentime about how terrible the pandemic was for so many people on so many fronts. But rather than focusing solely on the crushing negative aspects of pandemic life or getting unwittingly dragged into politics, the filmmakers ultimately used Belle Vie to tell a story about perseverance and all the things that can make life so beautiful.

Def worth a watch!

Reviewed by cathmeriam 10 / 10

Brilliant documentary with a thought provoking story to tell.

April 10th, 2022

I recently had an opportunity to watch a newly released documentary called "Belle Vie."

This film was delightful, humorous, thought provoking and surreal. It truly encapsulates the trauma of how the Pandemic had an impact on so many businesses. "Belle Vie" was a successful Parisian style restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. It was owned by the exuberant and optimistic Vincent Samarco. Director/Producer Marcus Mizelle takes us on a journey of "Belle Vie" at the height of its success to its heartbreaking closing. We are on a roller coaster of emotions from excitement to worry to despair. What I loved about Mr. Mizelle's vision for this story was how he left the audience with a sense of hope and joy. He ends the film as we watch Mr. Samarco gathering with family and friends...sitting in a beautiful outdoor setting...eating a Parisian feast!

I highly recommend this film with 10 stars.

Cathy Meriam, Producer Pazcat Promotions.

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