Benny Loves You


Comedy / Horror

IMDb Rating 7 10 143

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by graemer-04905 10 / 10

Best psycho killer teddybear bloodbath movie ever

Just watched Benny Loves You at Frightfest and it jumps straight into, not only the best film of the festival, but one of the best movies of the year for me. Jack's life is falling apart. His parents die in a terrible birthday cake accident and he is about to lose a promotion at work to his arch rival, Richard. In an attempt to turn things around, Jack throws put all of his old childhood toys. One of the toys, his teddybear, Benny, does not take this well and springs to life, gleefully slaughtering anyone and anything that could come between him and Jack.

Benny Loves You starts as it means to go on, with one of the best opening scenes in recent memory, and things just get funnier and more violent from there.

Don't miss this. It's one of the funniest, goriest horror comedies in years.

Reviewed by velmakelly25 9 / 10


I watched this film during the October Frighfest of 2020 and it was awesome. It's very funny, touching and pretty gory. I was so glad I decide to get a ticket for it.

Reviewed by didactofdeath 9 / 10

Childs Play, Shaun Of The Dead meets Demonic Toys

Saw Benny Loves You at Frightfest's Halloween event and I was very impressed at how much fun and creativity can be found in this little low budget gem. Jack is on tough times, after the loss of his parent's, getting rejected for a promotion, now living alone and struggling to pay the rent, Jack decides to throw away some of his childhood toys. One of which is a teddy named " Benny ". looking like something you'd see in Sesame street. Benny doesn't take too kindly to this act and now comes alive.

Benny make's his life harder by killing anyone that come's near Jack, which is where most of the fun come's from in this flick. The humour is both silly and slapstick at times, with plenty of gore on show. The movie can be best described as Childs Play, Shaun Of the Dead and Demoic Toys thrown into a blender. A highly recommeneded film, perfect for anyone that's a fan of Dolly Dearest or The Puppet Master series. Plus extra props for Childs Play, Evil Dead and Terminator References.

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