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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vomitron_G 4 / 10

Come on, people, dance, not fight!

The future of fantasy never looked so dark! Christopher Lambert gets to fight the evil demon Grendel in this grim looking trashy fantasy-epos. "Epos" I said? Er... there's only one location, so you can't really call it an epic adventure, can you? The location is a medieval/futuristic 5 inch tall castle, so how did they manage to cram in all the actors? Oh, I get it, those where special effects. A miniature. Silly me.

Here's some reasons why you might want or NOT want to watch this motion picture:

  • Lambert gets to do his sword-swinging tricks over again like he did in Highlander.

  • The sets and costumes are amazingly cool (if you're a 12-year-old).

  • Rhona Mitra has a voluptuous pair of knockers which she likes to show off through-out the whole movie.

  •, Christopher Lambert has white hair...

  • Every time they start fighting, this over-the-top raving techno-soundtrack gets going. So why are these medieval slayer-dudes fighting while they should be dancing.

  • They don't have electricity in this castle but they do have speakers installed which seem to work fine. So where's the amplifier? I guess they borrowed it from the techno-dj who delivered the soundtrack.

  • Watch it for the climax in the end which features an outrageous demonoïd CGI creature coming straight out of any Playstation 2 survival-horror game.

If all this got you interested, then go watch it (at your own risk), but don't tell anyone I told you to. I strongly suspect Pinhead visiting the set while shooting, because this movie has no soul. Anyway, if you want to see beautiful Rohna Mitra really show some skin, then watch Paul Verhoeven's HOLLOW MAN.

Reviewed by Ratty_Randnums 10 / 10

How can you not love this movie?

Beowulf is up there with "Army of Darkness" in terms of pure enjoyment for those who like swords, monsters and cheese. Though lacking the grand scope, budget and self-aware humor of the aforementioned classic it makes up for those losses with a very fun post-apocalyptic setting, great action and an engaging visual style. Lambert gives a good performance as the titular tortured demon hunter and Rhona Mirtra is so stunning and sexy in this it's a wonder she has not become more well-known. All of the cast turn in excellent performances for a B movie honestly. None of them, with the possible exception of Layla Roberts, mug or wink at the camera. This all ties together with a fast and fun adrenaline pumping techno soundtrack ala Mortal Kombat, a movie which shares a producer with this one, to create a film enjoyable both on its own merits and as fodder for gentle riffing. Not to be missed by those who love B monster or action movies.

Reviewed by mikko_kuusirati 10 / 10

A late '80s action flick from the late '90s

Honestly, without looking at the production details, I would never have guessed this film wasn't made in the eighties. It's so eighties I feel it perfectly epitomizes the beloved "'80s action B-movie" genre despite being made a full decade too late. And knowing the extremes B-movies actually from the eighties can go to, that's saying A LOT.

It has Chris Lambert playing Billy Idol in a long black leather coat playing Beowulf; Rhona Mitra, "The original model behind Lara Croft in Tomb Raider!"; the kind of ingenious/insane mix of pseudo-medieval, post-apocalyptic and modern fashion and technology I haven't seen since Knights (and that's another one for the B-movie history books); a rather nice, if forgettable, techno soundtrack; more somersaults than you can shake a lever-action clockwork sword at; and Grendel's HOT MOMMA!

I think Beowulf would have approved. It gets the attitude right, and that's what counts - to quote the poem, Chapter IX, "Me thus often the evil monsters/ Thronging threatened. With thrust of my sword,/ The darling, I dealt them due return!" (The full text of Beowulf is available at )

And, by the way, let's not forget that dirty little chuckle Lambert has perfected. I loved it when he played Raiden in Mortal Kombat, and I absolutely love it here.

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