Bergeron Brothers: Wedding Videographers



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chetty-64387 9 / 10

Weddings Will Never Be the Same!

In 2017, I saw a horror movie called Slaughter Drive. While it wasn't perfect, it reminded me about why I loved movies-and moviemaking. It was a group of friends working hard to bring their vision to life and it was a firm reminder of why filmmaking is so special. Fast forward 4-years and the maniacs from BPO Films are back with Bergeron Brothers: Wedding Videographers, a comedy that focuses on two ne'er-do-well brothers trying to break into the wedding videography business-at any cost. The film is framed as a documentary with a film crew filming the brothers going about their day-to-day business, training for weddings (complete with obstacle courses), and trying to secure their first gig as videographers. There's a fun This Is Spinal Tap-meets-The Office thing going on here, but the filmmakers also mix in a real 1980s sensibility where the brothers become the Delta Tau Chi house as they battle the Omega Theta Pi house (using Animal House as a reference point)-in the form of a rival videographer. All of this is balanced by a 90s slacker vibe that we also saw in Slaughter Drive. The film is damn funny with absurdist humor found in pretty much every scene (and a few gross-out moments for good measure), but it's all sold wonderfully by the cast. Ben Dietels, Blake O'Donnell (who both write and direct here), and Ryan Lintner are all funny as hell and are obviously having a great time here. The film balances comedy with character nicely with fun arcs for both brothers that are relatable for anyone who's ever felt down on their luck. Credit is also due to both Matt Schultz (who steals every scene he's in) and the endlessly frustrated Lance Parkin (also a filmmaker, who works with Schultz). This movie is a clear labor of love and a true example of independent filmmaking. You can see the heart and the hard work that went into this and it's all endearing as hell. These guys have upped their skillset from 2017 as well, with a stronger overall production. Fans of weird comedy should check this out. This team deserves our love, for sure!

Reviewed by dark_mullet 9 / 10

An 80s Comedy with a Modern Take

While this story is looked at through the lens of a mockumentary style film it still maintains such a classic 80s adventure wacky comedy feel thanks to the actors, plot, style, pacing, jokes, AND the music. While not an absolutely perfect film, it really delivers a lot of good that is worth seeing. The performances, especially from Dietels and O'Donnell, are worthy of widespread praise and love. Additionally Matt Schultz steals the spotlight while on screen, with Sarah Brunner and Lance Parkin being total joys in their own right.

Hollywood just doesn't make comedy films like this anymore: Low stakes/small scale and high weirdness. This absolutely feels like the kind of film you would have seen Chevy Chase and/or Bill Murray in if this was made in 1982, just with a modern take.

I absolutely recommend this film as a watch to anyone that likes that sort of style of comedy.

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