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Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10

little of the Laurel and Hardy magic

While this isn't a bad film, it certainly isn't one of the team's better efforts. It's a shame really, as 1929 to the mid 30s was the absolute prime period of their work together. I guess considering all the great films they made, it's okay to have a bit of a let-down,...and that's exactly what this is. The routines are not especially funny and the same type things had been done before by them with better results.

Stan and Ollie are a Vaudeville team catching a train to their next gig. They have trouble locating each other at the station and Ollie loses his papers from his suitcase in this opening scene--not terribly funny stuff at all. Then, on the train, two main comedy bits are used. The first involves people grabbing and ripping each other's clothes. This has been done before and the set up for this wasn't very smooth or believable--people just start doing it for apparently no reason at all. Next, Stan and Ollie must both climb into an upper sleeping berth designed for one. This seems to take forever and is frankly stretched too long.

Really, now that I think about it, this movie was a pleasant enough short but really had no laughs.

PS--you can tell, in spots, that this film was originally a silent film or that they were unfamiliar with making sound films, as the sound is absent in some of the early scenes or seem tacked on. This isn't as bad or noticeable as in many early sound films, but if you look you'll notice.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 8 / 10

Train chaos

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were comedic geniuses, individually and together, and their partnership was deservedly iconic and one of the best there was. They left behind a large body of work, a vast majority of it being entertaining to classic comedy, at their best they were hilarious and their best efforts were great examples of how to do comedy without being juvenile or distasteful.

Although a vast majority of Laurel and Hardy's previous efforts ranged from above average to very good ('45 Minutes from Hollywood' being the only misfire and mainly worth seeing as a curiosity piece and for historical interest, and even that wasn't a complete mess), 'Two Tars' for me was their first truly classic one with close to flawless execution. Didn't find 'Berth Marks' as one of their best and a bit disappointing compared to their late 1928 and previous 1929 efforts, which were among their best and funniest early work. It is still very good and has much of what makes Laurel and Hardy's work as appealing as it is.

It may not be "new" material as such and the first part takes a little bit too time to get going and is a little formulaic.

When 'Berth Marks' does get going, which it does do quite quickly, it is great fun, not always hilarious but never less than very amusing, the getting into bed routine though is classic Laurel and Hardy. It is never too silly, a wackiness that never loses its energy and the sly wit emerges here, some of the material may not be new but how it's executed actually doesn't feel too familiar and it doesn't get repetitive.

Laurel and Hardy are on top form here, both are well used, both have material worthy of them and they're equal rather than one being funnier than the other (before Laurel tended to be funnier and more interesting than Hardy, who tended to be underused). Their chemistry feels like a partnership here too, before 'Two Tars' you were yearning for more scenes with them together but in 'Berth Marks' we are far from robbed of that. Their comic timing is impeccable.

'Berth Marks' looks good visually, is full of energy and the direction gets the best out of the stars, is at ease with the material and doesn't let it get too busy or static. The supporting players are solid.

Overall, very good. Not essential or classic Laurel and Hardy, but a very good representation of them. 8/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 7 / 10

Early Charmer

I'm told this is the second sound film for Laurel and Hardy. They really look young in this one. They are a couple musicians, trying to get to a gig. They manage to get an upper berth on a train, so both have to sleep in the same bed. As they work their way through the close quarters, they do some troubling things. This time they don't pay the price because other people are mistaken for their actions. The ongoing joke has to do with people ripping up each other's clothes. The boys spend their time trying to locate music that Stan has misplaced and everywhere they go, trouble ensues. We can see the comic genius here. Obviously, they also did many silent features.

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