Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
IMDb Rating 4.8 10 1042

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Zack Ward as Aaron
Kirsty Hill as Maternity Nurse
Tom Green as Dr. Brown
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Platypuschow 2 / 10

Bethany: Truly dire

Starring and co-written by the underrated Zack Ward alongside Shannen Doherty and alarmingly Tom Green in a straight role this horror misfires on all cylinders.

Standard mish mash of common horror tropes, unoriginal storyline and unforgivable boredom Bethany is an utter mess.

It's one saving grace is it's ending (No pun intended) the twist and finale is actually quite clever but they even balls that up.

Do not be deceived by the haunting cover, you will not find scares here in fact you'll barely find anything at all.

The Good:

The twist is decent

The Bad:

Boring as hell

Everything is executed poorly

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Shannen Doherty clearly p*ssed off Hollywood for it to come to this

Tom Green without his usual wacky shenanigans is really bland

Reviewed by hnhnyc 2 / 10

What a boring rip off of another crap movie.

Boring, boring, boring, predictable, boring, and then, literally down to the mask and the kid hiding in the walls because the mother is ashamed of it, a complete copycat ending of 'The Boy', another one of the biggest failures in the history of horror movies. I'm surprised there's no lawsuit happening from one crappy writer to another. Who knows. Maybe there is. I bet that deposition would be more entertaining than this was. Skip it.

Reviewed by i_am_fng 7 / 10

Worth watching

I don't expect much from any thriller/ horror movies nowadays. I just watch anything that comes out new. When it comes to Bethany, I thought it's a bit slow paced at start but it gets creepy and intense til the end. Well plotted, and casts were pro acted. Totally worth watching I must say

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