Better Left Unsaid



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nafiskhalid 1 / 10

One of the most misleading documentaries I have seen in recent years

I haven't the faintest why this was originally produced. The basic flaw from the beginning is the makers set out to portray the problem as a far-left vs far-right issue, where a central position is supposed to have some moral high groud. Which is a fallacy, considering if one position was that the earth is flat and another was that it is spherical, it wouldn't necessarily mean the truth was that the earth is of a shape in btween the two.

The gross misrepresentation of the left is absolutely driven by agenda, with bad faith. It picks out the most ludicrous and extreme points of view held by a handful, and tries to make it seem that the entire left somehow espouses these ideas. They don't. I have been involved with many leftist and progressives in rural America, and a grand total of zero people believed in any of those ridiculous ideas (e.g. "all white people are evil"). The most extreme idea I have encountered from them (that too held by very few of them) is that you should not vote blue, because progressives are often shunned by establishment figures.

The director does not understand simple concepts such as systemic racism, and portrays them as some sort of conspiracy cooked up by the left to create buzz words and mobilize people, where as the key issues that concern leftists are first and foremost economical. And when identity is used in politics by the right to wrest power, there is little recourse left but to use it to establish justice therein. Meaning, not all forms of identity politics is problematic.

Regardless, the few good ratings this did get was possibly from the crew and rightwingers and moderates who cannot seem to find the proper arguments against leftist political positions. Absolute drivel.

Reviewed by CertainlyUncertain 10 / 10

Must see

This is a must watch film for anyone interested in what is going on with western domocracies right now.

Reviewed by Gorillaboi 3 / 10

Beware of the fake reviews

I went into this seeking a fair, balanced look at the extremes that exist on both sides.

Instead it's a one-sided critical analysis of the extreme left - to which the extreme right are treated as a by-product.

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