Between Waves


Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 7 10 31

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lailakfarrell 8 / 10

Really great footage

I really enjoyed the underwater scenes and the drone footage. Amazing colors as well. Thought both leads gave strong performances. Glad this film is getting the recognition it deserves on the festival circuit.

Reviewed by TheDroneNerd 9 / 10

Good Drone footage

You had very nice drone footage That was cleverly attached to the movie. My favourite piece of Drone footage was when the waves where crashing against the rocks showing the emotion of the scene. The movie was cleverly put together and would love to see more. The only problem is that I would have loved to see it on the big screen but couldn't.

Reviewed by themoviebuff-35877 10 / 10

Suspension of Disbelief

Ever wonder what is real and what is fantasy? Most of us have a pretty good grasp on reality however things can dramatically change when we experience a traumatic event. Jamie, a seemingly headstrong, together character has her life riveted by the disappearance of Isaac (her lover). As she searches for answers of his whereabouts, her world starts to blur as Jamie begins to cross over parallel dimensions and consciousness. What unfolds are her memories, visions and future possibilities converge into storm of chaos where Jamie must choose a path to wade through. Jamie's journey is shot in cinematic brilliance, spanning multiple continents and geographic landscapes. The cast deliver solid performances and the director weaves her magic in making it all come together neatly at end.

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