Beware: Children at Play


Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

A gloriously sick, twisted and disturbing little pip

The children of a sticksville Pine Barrens, New Jersey hamlet venture off into the surrounding woods and become members of a crazed cannibal cult which turns the little buggers into feral, fiendish, flesh-eating freaks. The nasty nippers attack adults and devour their corpses. When the scared devoutly religious townspeople find out what's happening they form into a dangerously hysterical and heavily armed mob who go storming into the forest with the specific intention of killing their own kids. Boy, is this jaw-dropping wackoid wonder one really creepy, disturbing and seriously sick movie! Director Mik Cribben, who also shot and edited the picture and portrays the deranged ringleader of the insane posse (Cribben's other credits include second unit work on "Annie" and "The Eyes of Laura Mars," plus various behind-the-scenes contributions to such horror films as "Squirm," "Nightmare," and "The Deadly Spawn"), effectively creates a spooky and mysterious tone, elicits sound performances from a game no-name cast, keeps the pace chugging along at a slow, yet steady clip, and, most importantly, pours on the graphic carnage by the nauseating bucketful. WARNING: Possible *SPOILERS* ahead. Lots of tykes get messily offed in copious volume in the truly jolting climax: one tot's head goes boom into a dozen bloody bits by a pump shotgun blast, another child's brains get splattered when a pistol is jammed in his mouth, and a third moppet winds up impaled on a pitchfork that's rammed through his neck. Furthermore, we even get a pertinent message about the hazards of hardcore religious dogma and the equally lethal lynch mob mentality. A beautifully bent, batty and berserk bloodthirsty barn burner.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 3 / 10

Beware! Troma at work.

Young Glenn Randle (Eric Tonken) and his father (Bernard Hocke), a college professor of medieval and Anglo Saxon English, go on a camping trip into the wilds, where they fish, sing songs based on the Old English poem Beowulf, and play hide and seek (sounds like fun, huh?). It is during one of these games that Professor Randall steps on a bear trap, breaking his leg; unable to move, he lies there for three days, his son by his side, gradually going delirious as the wound becomes infected. Then he carks it. Affected by his dad's final feverish talk of 'gulping blood' and 'gobbling flesh', Glenn slices open his pop's belly and feasts on his entrails.

Ten years later, writer John DeWolfe (Michael Robertson) and his family—hypercritical wife Julia (Lori Romero) and daughter Kara (Jamie Krause)—travel to the same area to visit John's Vietnam buddy Ross Carr (Rich Hamilton), a local sheriff whose daughter Amy is just one of several children to have gone missing over the past few years. No prizes for guessing that crazy cannibal Glenn is responsible, having abducted and brainwashed the kids into believing that he is the mythical monster Grendell from Beowulf, and that they are flesh-eating demons.

Cannibalistic kids sure sound like a whole lot of demented fun, but despite the occasional smattering of bargain basement gore (including a cheezy bodily bisection by scythe, a slashed throat, an impalement on spiked stakes, and a mutilated corpse with a rat on its face), plus a couple of rather twisted sexual moments (Glenn/Grendell's rape of a woman while the killer kids watch on, and jail-bait Amy offering herself to John), Beware: Children at Play is mostly dull talk and uneventful wandering around the woods. The direction is uninspired and the acting is largely wooden, with my 'worst performance' award going to Stephanie Jaworski as irritating psychic Alice Allegari, who calls everyone 'deary' and deservedly has her guts eaten.

Still, this is one of those films where you might just want to hang on in there for the final few minutes (or get busy with the scene advance button), because the film almost redeems itself in the closing moments with a memorable spot of truly outrageous carnage, as the crazed kids are brutally massacred by the locals. Violence against kids is a touchy subject, even in horror films, but director Mik Cribben clearly doesn't care, with one terrible tyke getting a pitchfork through the neck, another having their entire head blown off by a shotgun, and another being forced to take a gun barrel in the mouth, with inevitable splattery results. OK, so all the 'dead' kids can clearly be seen still breathing as the camera surveys the carnage, but at least the film tries to push the boundaries of taste, and for that I'll generously give it a rating of 3/10.

Reviewed by Coventry 7 / 10

A Rare Triumph for Troma!

In comparison with the vast majority of junk Troma Studios released over the years, "Beware: Children at Play" is actually very endurable and – do I daresay it – even occasionally imaginative and entertaining junk! Personally I always had a weakness for films revolving on murderous children, so maybe I was a bit more tolerant and open-minded in this case, but you'll also quickly notice that this film is less awful than the usual outings of Lloyd Kaufman's Studio. The subject matter is as ridiculous, over-the-top and offensive as usual, but at least the finished product feels a lot less amateurish. The plot opens with a young boy standing guard over his daddy as he's lying trapped in a bear claw and slowly dying in agony. When he eventually passes away, the bewildered boy rips open his stomach and eats the organs with a devilish smile on his face. Cut to ten years later, with a family of three arriving in the same forestry area and learning that 12 children already went missing and their number increases every two months. Then the children show themselves again, but the parents won't have the chance to embrace them anymore as they've formed an eerie cult of savage and flesh-eating monsters with as their sole mission to annihilate all adults. The concept admittedly sounds totally crazy, but I can't emphasize enough that this is a superior Troma script, even dragging in poetic sub plots and literature references. There also still is loads of splatter and repulsive make-up art to behold, so even the die-hard fans of the lousy Troma stuff won't have to feel entirely disappointed (though it's hard to imagine there are people who feel disappointed upon seeing a film that is actually better than initially anticipated). The acting performances of the whole cast – the children included – are not very good, but definitely Oscar-worthy compared to … well … usual Troma standards. Heck, there even are some admirable attempts to build up suspense and a sinister atmosphere at times, so I feel almost tempted to label "Beware: Children at Play" as a good film! Granted, you'd have to be quite sick in the head to enjoy a story like this – and particularly to sit through the outrageously demented climax – but that's just an extra recommendation to all you raving bloodthirsty movie-maniacs. You know who you are!

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