Beware the Lake


Drama / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 2.8 10 167

murder revenge undead

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Stephen Kramer Glickman as Sheriff Grimes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10

A typical indie

BEWARE THE LAKE is a typical indie horror flick with a high school setting. The protagonist is a successful girl who attracts the enmity of a group of bullies who proceed to see her killed off at the local lake. In a supernatural twist, the girl returns from the dead seeking revenge. This is a mixture of thrills with a little supernatural content thrown in. It's very ordinary-looking, conversation based, and with limited acting all round. Jonathan Lipnicki, the cute blond kid from STUART LITTLE, is unrecognisable here.

Reviewed by dpraptor 5 / 10

Not that bad for a horror flick, but an overdone ending

I did like this movie, I thought Anja Knebl was quite adorable! Her acting skills were good, I hope to see her in more movies, she has a very likable face.

The story held my interest through most of it, the typical bully/revenge story with some twists. The antagonists were not that great, but they were effective enough to make it believable, and led to some good suspenseful moments. And yea, I think all the young women in this film were pretty good eye candy as well!

The last parts of the film got pretty weak, predicable and almost silly, the ending may leave you hanging, or saying "What?". But overall it was a decent B movie as long as you dont expect too much. Best of luck Anja, you are quite accomplished and I hope to see you do more!

Reviewed by dmgil-47363 3 / 10

Should be called Beware The Gypsy

The lure set up in the begining was not necessary since we meet her aunt later who has "witchy" powers & the lengthy time spent could have been used better elsewhere. I almost thought I was watching the wrong movie. Tabitha's character is strong, independent, liked by everyone she meets (except cheerleaders) & it's unbelievable she would have a need to be accepted by the local mean girls. The head cheerleader's character is over the top having control over her friends without real opposition & even having the local rapists on her friends list to call & notify when & where there is fresh meat waiting. They clearly have no other purpose in life than to rape on call. There isn't even a gray area in their motives to "party". Party equals rape. There is nothing scary about this lake. If Tabitha got revenge on her killers who went swimming I would "beware the lake" but they could have drugged Tabitha & left her by the side of the road without affecting the plot. Also, why drug her at all if it didn't do anything? She didn't seem drugged or drunk.Just a fool who went swimming with girls who clearly hate her & lured her with a pathetic apology & a sarcastic & weak invitation. What I love about this movie is that they didn't need to use sex or nudity to hold my attention. I actually wanted to see what comes next, even when disappointed. Although the scenarios has been done before, I think with better character developement & dialog this movie can be remade into a pretty good thriller. Keep the one track minded police. That was great comic relief.

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