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Nicole Kidman as Isabel Bigelow / Samantha
Will Ferrell as Jack Wyatt / Darrin
Steve Carell as Uncle Arthur
Michael Caine as Nigel Bigelow
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Reviewed by dannyd-14886 2 / 10

Horrible remake of a great series

Bewitched was a feel-good TV series but in this remake they try to make it about some stupid story of a studio making a Bewitched movie. Oh so disappointed thought it was going to be great but 3 thumbs down.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10

Didn't leave me bewitched

There was a good film somewhere in 'Bewitched'. A potentially clever premise, a good cast on paper (had reservations about Will Ferrell though), having liked some of Nora Ephron's other work like 'Sleepless in Seattle' and 'Julie & Julia' and being based on a classic TV show.

Sadly, one doesn't see a good film in 'Bewitched' in my opinion. It is not a case of the film not making an effort, there are sporadic moments of quality here but nowhere near enough. If anything, 'Bewitched' is a case of trying too hard, especially in the performance of Ferrell and trying to throw too much in. Is it as bad as critics say? No. There are certainly far worse films out there that don't have sporadic moments of quality and are far more complete messes, whereas 'Bewitched' is more a frustrating missed opportunity.

'Bewitched' is not completely awful. The photography, costumes and production design look great and are very colourful. The music has energy and whimsy with some clever song choices with groovy titles.

Although good moments are too far and between, they are there. Faring best are Steve Carrell's cameo (the highlight), Isabel and Jack cavorting to the title song and the missing dog monologue. A few of the cast members stand out. Carrell turns his short appearance into comedy gold, so much so that he and his character deserved a better film. Michel Caine and Shirley MacLaine show themselves to be conscientious professionals and have fun, though they did deserve better. Kristin Chenoweth has charm.

There are other elements that left me with mixed feelings. Nicole Kidman has some great, delightful moments as Isabel, but there are other times where she looks self-conscious. A far larger part of the problem is the way Isabel is written here, she is stripped of her charm and is reduced to a simpering and indecisive idiot and it gets annoying. The special effects vary, never amateurish but never special, some give off a little magic while others are sloppy.

Many elements of 'Bewitched' don't work. The fun, class and charm of the show is lost thanks to the lack of lightness of touch, the scattershot writing and Ephron (showing her most ill-at-ease direction and a complete misunderstanding as to what was so appealing about the show) trying to throw too much into the cauldron, making for one less than magical and overcrowded potion.

Ferrell is a big problem here. He overdoes it to the extreme to the point of being too abrasive and irritating, seeming to think that he is in another of his louder, raunchier comedies when the film and role should be much more lightly approached by that meaning he just doesn't fit.

Pacing is very stodgy as a result of trying to cram in too many situations and characters, a lot of the former being unresolved or rounded off abruptly and a lot of the latter given short shrift or written poorly. The story is charmless, dull and is as idiotic and brain-deprived as the lead character, also feeling very repetitive. The script has moments but they don't feel enough to save a vast majority of it being embarrassingly weak.

Overall, not that bad but less than bewitching and a frustrating missed opportunity that won't put a spell on the viewer. 4/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 4 / 10

The beginning is really cute

As someone who never watched the original television series, I can't really compare the modern actors' interpretations of the classic roles. The preview of the movie looked pretty cute, and since I like all the actors involved, I thought I'd give it a shot.

Nicole Kidman looks darling with her lightened curly hair (and so does Will Ferrell), but isn't the entire point of Bewitched that Samantha conducts magic by twitching her nose? Shouldn't the casting director, maybe, have cast someone who can actually do that? As darling as Nicole is, she uses her entire face in the famous twitches, and it kind of loses its effect.

The beginning of the movie is really cute. Will Ferrell plays an actor who's been cast as Darrin in a television remake of Bewitched. He's a typical actor (self-centered and afraid for his career) so he pushes to cast an unknown as his costar so that he'll always be the focus. And wouldn't you know it, the woman he chooses for Samantha is an honest-to-goodness witch! The first half hour really is darling and funny.

The second half hour makes the smile on your face fall a little, but you're hoping for a reprieve, so you keep those smile muscles at the ready. You can relax; they won't be needed anymore. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie falls flat as the plot and romance (which were once completely adorable) take a different direction than you would have wanted at the start. And don't even get me started about Shirley MacLaine's phoned-in performance as Endora. Normally, I absolutely love her and am quick to complement her every performance, but this one makes it clear she wanted nothing to do with Bewitched.

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