Beyond Hell


Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 3.8 10 68

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10

I've been through hell

Maryssa Clark (Kearsten Johansson) joins her over privileged peers in a small party where they take Changa, a South American hallucinogen for a tacit experience All natural so it is okay. This opens the gates to hell and allows Belial to escape. His plan is to be the anti-Christ and rule the Earth. The battle to close the gate and keep him inside.

The acting was not good. Maryssa was too out of character. For those who lived 1000 BCE or so, this is the older Bel who was the god of the underworld and not the younger Bel a vegetation/solar god fashioned after Marduc. They were often confused. Filmed in Toronto.

Guide: F-word. No sex. Nudity (non-credited cheerleaders)

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 7 / 10

Underrated and somewhat enjoyable indie effort

Heading out to a friends' house, a shy teenager trying to go a little wild reluctantly joins in when their host reveals a local drug to try out, bringing them into contact with a demonic entity looking to reenter our realm after being banished and must find a way to stop it before its mission to overthrow the world succeeds.

For the most part, this one wasn't all that bad. Among its better aspects is the fact that there's a rather enjoyable and intriguing introduction of the demonic infestation in their lives. With their arrival at the party and decision to partake in the drug session works rather nicely in bringing the creature into their existence giving the film a fine entrance for what's to come later. As the possession scene offers the trippy, psychedelic visuals of the demon approaching and possessing her followed by the attack scene on the friend checking on her since she left the ceremony, the eventual reveal of what happened and how they get affected is quite thrilling to see play out. That leads nicely into the fun series of demonic attacks that begin to plague the group. The opening scene of the victims being sacrificed by the cult at the original location gives this a strong bloodsoaked start much like the attack in the house where the one victim is graphically devoured. The continuing scenes of the group being attacked by the demonic version of the possessed individual going around before seeing the true version of the demon launching into the attacks gives this some great action It all sets the stage for the big confrontation in the finale in the demons' realm where the concurrent mission to stop it in the regular world alongside the fight to stop it with the other demons getting involved in the action. Granted a nice twist that offers up a fun ending and plenty of impressive practical effects both with the demons and the gore for the kills, the film features some pretty entertaining positives. There are a few issues featured within here. The biggest drawback is the decidedly obvious and cheesy-looking CGI featured in the demons' attacks that take the viewer right out of the scene. From the distortion blurring the scenery to never once interacting with what's happening on-screen, the entire time it's featured here looks plain fake and low-rent making it look all the worse especially as it keeps going on. Moreover, the decision to include the love triangle amongst the survivors makes no sense as this initially seems to be included for dramatic purposes without building anything concrete why any of the participants would like each other after what transpires early on. It's just lazy and underwhelming, making for the main flaws that hold this one down.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Nudity, Language and mild drug use.

Reviewed by panther_husky 1 / 10

Do they think this is a good film?

The first couple of minutes I just had to fast forward this rubbish. Saw the pathetic horror image which made me laugh and skipped a few more minutes. The dialogue was probably written by someone's 8 year old son or daughter. Then there is the girl to girl kissing. Now c'mon, sick and tired of seeing wasted film on girls kissing. Why? to get the male audience? Anyway, really not worth watching but if the actors thinks they were good, and the director thinks they did a great jon then kudos. But believe me and other, this is an embarrassment!

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