Beyond Terror

1980 [SPANISH]

Crime / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 7 / 10

A true obscure horror movie with tons of atmosphere n tons of weirdness.

I first saw this in the late 80s on a vhs. Had searched this obscure movie n finally revisited it recently. This one is a true rarelust.

I am surprised that our fellow reviewer Coventry, a true obscure horror fan hasnt seen this movie.

While revisiting this, Amando de Ossorio's Tombs of the Blind Dead n Mario Bava's Rabid Dogs came to my mind.

The film starts with a lovely location of that of an open inn, very serene n sunny. Almost the entire film is shot in broad sunlight n even the night scenes are shot in good lighting. Inspite of the sun soaked n daylight settings, the film is creepy at times.

The film has amazing creepy locations where even during daytime it feels frightening. All the characters are despicable n their fate is well deserved, violent deaths.

The poster of the witch holding a snake in one hand n a scythe in another used on the VHS cover is taken from the cover of Warren Comic's VAMPIRELLA #11 (May 1971).

This film has nothing to do with any witch of that sort n the poster very misleading.

Reviewed by rundbauchdodo 7 / 10

Weird and violent mix of biker movie and horror film

A quartet of homicidal youth delinquents on motorbikes goes on a bloody rampage: After gunning down all the staff and customers of a small bar and taking two hostages, they intrude the home of an old lady and kill her too. Dying, she spells a curse on the murderous youths who continue their escape and reach an old, now desecrated church in the middle of nowhere. At this creepy place, strange things start to happen...

What a delightfully obscure and sleazy production! This strange, but thoroughly original film has to be seen to be believed. The actors are rather bad, the production values are very low, but the affair never ever becomes tedious - there are just too many stunning ideas thrown into the plot for good measure, and most of them work. One particularly insane sequence has the gang celebrating sort of a black mass in the church, during which one of the gang members proclaims crazy and stupid things while masturbating! Towards the climax, even the living dead have their appearance in the most chilling sequence of the film. And, of course, there's also some gore for splatter freaks (one scene being very splashy).

MAS ALLA DEL TERROR is unique in many ways. It's neither a masterpiece nor a technically remarkable movie, and the logic of the plot is often non-existent. But it's such an energetic bag of surprises and fun details that it makes a cool partytape for all lovers of exciting trash.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 8 / 10


Auldron Films has put our four movies* and as far as I'm concerned, they're four for four.

Written and directed by Tomás Aznar, this Spanish biker/slasher/occult freakout thrilled me with every single frame. It starts with one of a group of robbers posing as a prostitute before she brutally knifes a man, then she joins three others to rob a bar.

Taking a middle-class couple hostage and holding out in the home of an old woman and her grandson, they act just like you'd expect a home invasion biker gang to behave, killing everyone in their path when they're not screwing in churches.

Before they kill her, the grandmother prays to Satan to destroy the bikers and from there on, they see ghastly visions of her dead grandson, you know, when they're not having sex and killing more people or being chased by Ossorio-like Templars through a desiccated chapel. Oh yeah - there's also supposedly a fortune guarded by those very same Blind Dead-ish mummies in the catacombs beneath the ruins.

It's packed with menace, gore, sex and meanness - exactly the kind of Eurohorror that always played well over here. It has that glorious shot on film soft darkness that I love so much, as well as drugs, shootouts and a final twenty minutes that are a delirious thrill ride.

Más allá Del Terror was never released ever in the United States until now and I have no idea why.

*American Rickshaw, Crime of the Black Cat and Abrakadabra are the other three.

PS - Fans of Warren Comics will spot the art that was lifted for the German VHS release. It's the Frank Frazetta cover of Vampirella #11.

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