Bharath Ane Nenu


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Reviewed by srilekhar 10 / 10

bharat ane nenu delivers

There is a tipping point which actors often fail to reach time and again. But once they reach that, they find a pandora's box that's filled with unfulfilled promises, expectations, and hope. It's at this juncture, that you desperately wish that actor will rise above his own shortcomings to unleash some sort of a magic spell, which heals your scars from the past.

With Bharat Ane Nenu, Mahesh Babu not only crosses the tipping point but also breaks open the pandora's box and burns the unfulfilled promises to ashes, to show why he's such a fine actor. You can't take your eyes off when he's on screen pulling off his role with utmost sincerity and conviction. You might go gaga over his looks, but the most charming thing about Mahesh Babu in this film, in particular, is that there's an air of confidence he exudes. He's in full control of what he's doing.

Cast: Mahesh Babu, Kiara Advani, Prakash Raj, Posani, Brahmaji, and Others Director and Writer: Koratala Siva Producers: DVV Dannayya DOP: Ravi K Chandran and Thirru Music: Devi Sri Prasad Editor: A Sreekar Prasad Banner: DVV Entertainments Rating:3.0/5.0 Release Date: 20th April 2018 Story

Bharat Ram(Mahesh Babu) is an Oxford graduate with 5 degrees to his name. He returns to India after the demise of his father Raghava Raju(Sharath Kumar) and takes charge as the Chief Minister of the then united Andhra Pradesh owing to pressure from his father's friend Varada Raju (Prakash Raj) without knowing ABCDs of Indian politics. Just like any educated person, he starts ruling the state on his own terms right from the day 1. This creates a ruckus in his own party members and as the head of the party, it starts worrying Varada Raju. Bharat starts changing all the rules and regulations in the state to bring in a positive change in the never growing society. In the process, he falls for Vasumathi (Kiara Advani) who is a girl from a middle-class family preparing for her civils. How will Bharat cope with the political pressure and what are the consequences he will have to face? Will his good deeds do him any good?


After that four disasters in his last five films, the character of Bharat and Mahesh's performance in it are truly game-changer for the Superstar. It is amazing to note the tremendous transformation he went through in the film. He set aside the subtleness and delivered an energetic performance in the film. His dialogue delivery suiting the political theme is also good.

As an Oxford graduate, he had to have a foreign touch in his dialogue delivery and he has absolutely nailed every scene of it. His screen presence is terrific throughout the movie as usual.

Kiara Advani as Vasumathi is a delight to watch and is so expressive. For a slow-paced first half, her presence was so refreshing. Not for a single scene, you feel like it is her first movie in TFI.

Prakash Raj gets another important role after a long time and he was at his usual best.Posani as MLA managed few laughs here and there.

Rao Ramesh as Vasumathi's father gets a small role and he made his presence felt. Brahmaji was good as well. Aamani had a short role and she was okay. Arjun Reddy fame Rahul Rama Krishna gets another good role. All other roles did not have much importance.


Koratala Siva is successful as soon as he selects a time-tested political theme and redesigned Mahesh Babu to fit in it. Some of the blocks which he has written are terrific but then due to run-time issues, he struggled to justify them. But they are still enough to pump the adrenaline of fans. The movie has some major highlight every now and then. Contentwise we see they are not adequately addressed but they still deliver. Some excellent dialogues are also on offer. The good thing is the director stayed loyal to the script and did not embed comedy forcefully. The love track is also in sync with the story. A couple of fights, the Pressmeet scene stand tall for Koratala's ability and Mahesh's redemption.

Devi Sri Prasad excelled with the background score and the songs are good as well.

Ravi K Chandran and Tirru's visuals are excellent. A Sreekar Prasad's editing could have been better. The Production Values are immaculate.


To start with, the movie opened with "I don't know" song which reminds you of Venkatesh's movies where he has an opening song with foreign chicks. The director brings Bharat back to India, shows him the current situation of AP and makes him a Chief Minister. But you would get an impression that the narration is a bit slow paced. As the movie was going slow, Vasumathi characterization brings a freshness to the screen.

When dealing with sensitive scripts like this, it is important that the director doesn't deviate from the storyline to bring in unnecessary comedy and the director was spot on. One has to commend him for that. The only quotient of entertainment was the chemistry between Mahesh and Kiara augmented by Brahmaji's comedy once in a while. The internal politics in a state where one party has to support another party in tough times is a known thing in Indian politics and Siva koratala narrated this brilliantly marking the end of first half. The Durga mahal fight and the assembly scenes are the highlights until then.

Mahesh Babu has always been a director's delight throughout his career and he proves it time and again. A director and his story might fail but Mahesh Babu as an actor has never failed to perform. His dialogues and fights are a treat to watch. Especially in the second half on how Bharat is coping with the political pressures and the measures he took to save Rahul Ramakrishna and the way the pace in the movie picks up was impressive. Mahesh babu's speech in the press conference is one of the highlights of the movie. As a fan, you would want to get up and clap after that scene. The movie again drags a bit in the climax. The runtime needs a little trimming.

Except for the irregular pace in the narration, the director had done nothing wrong in the movie. His ideology in changing the current Education system, especially in government schools having English medium and the ways to make traffic better and how Media is making money with sensationalizing news was very well shot. The DOP Thiru was equally good with the visuals. All the songs looked so pleasant and DSP again proves that he gives the best background score in TFI, especially for big hero movies where it plays a crucial role. The movie might not please all the kinds of the audience but it is a much-needed movie for bringing a change in the current society.


At the end of the day, watching a Koratala Siva's film feels like reading a book. He has consistently proven to be a good storyteller, and with Bharat Ane Nenu, he has shown yet again that there's plenty of drama when a normal guy takes an uncommon path. Bharat might have become the messiah of the state in the story, but it's Mahesh Babu who leaves a long lasting impression in the end. Two big thumbs up for the film. It delivers more than what it promises.

Reviewed by suvarnamaamidala 10 / 10

A Solid Promise

Review : Bharat Ane Nenu - Best CM

Bharat Ane Nenu is from the stable of super star Mahesh Babu-Koratala Siva has hit the screens today with high voltage expectations and and also fan jubiliations . Coming after Srimanthudu in the win -win combination of Mahesh Babu- K Shiva has the hero in CM role and the trailer released had promised huge record breaking at box office as a youth quotient is very high.

What all that Mahesh Babu does as CM and his message is all open for public and fans to rush to the screens .

Story : Bharat Ram ( Mahesh Babu) had to abruptly give up his studies at Oxford University and return to India after death of his CM father (Sharat Kumar) . He is pressurised and pushed by party leaders into his father's place as CM, inspite of his inexperience and . The film is about his journey of learning experience and how he develops the state manages the conspiracies of his opponents . His message to opposition and people , perhaps in the wake of fluid conditions in the state currently is the concept.

Plus Points :

* Mahesh Babu acting * Kortala direction * Story * Music and Cinematography

Minus Points :

* Slow pace and narration in second half

Percormance of Actors :

* Mahesh Babu as usual stellar performance in his debut role as young and stylist CM and appears cast for him and brought laurels for the role as CM for united AP. His punch political dialogues and his performance has earned mass appeal .

* Kaira Advani with debut performance in MS Doni film in Bollywood has stunned everyone as Vasumati ,lover of Mahesh , and matched Mahesh in both glamour and acting despite being her first Telugu movie.

* Character actor Sharat Kumar as CMs father is back in Telugu industry after a long gap and director has enlivened his role with dialogues etc.

* Yesteryear heroine Amani is back in Mahesh Babu mother role .

* Rau Ramesh as father of Vasumati has done justice to his role and Ajay, Srinivas is Mahesh's brother in good role .

* Though for a short while Brahmaji has brought out laughs and Prakash Raj is in his full form in usual role.

* Rama Prabha, Devaraj, Sitara, Posani Krishna Murali, Devadas Kanakala,Ravi Sankar,Jia, Yaschal Shara etc have brought a richness to the film.

Technical Wing :

* Devi Sri Prasad music has been a major combination with the story and his background score is super . Like the song Vachadayya Swami of Srimanthudu ,the title song of Bharat ane Nenu has become hugely popular .

* Cinematography pf Ravi K Chandran,S Thurru is just matic particularly the assembly scene and the glamor shots of hero and heroine has been embedded in the film.

* Art direction of Suresh Selvarajan ,particularly in assembly and other sets stand out as highlight of the film. The interval fights, climax fights of Ram Lakshman stunt director is a hit with mass audience .

* Srikar Prasad and his editing has given more stamina and value to the film .

* The producer Danayya of DVV entertainment banner has lavishly spent on the movie to give story and concept a new look.

* Lastly director Koratala has been on block buster hit journey as his other films -Mirchi,Srimanthudu and Janata Garage- have done a hat trick for him . His teaming with Mahesh has spiraled expectations .

* Koratala has summed up the audience and fan expectations in the film which mirrored the fluid political situation and has given an equitable dose of both class and mass look to the film .

Finally : Mahesh has brought a new look and concept to politics in the Bharat Ane Nenu as he did in Srimanthudu where he adopted a village. Here hs shows what a CM should do for developing the state and fulfilling peoplesaspirations instead of garnering enough bribes for generations of his family.

At the press meet of CM Mahesh has mirrored the concept of the director through his punch dialogues and also thought provoking words for the media . For his story selection and performance Mahesh Babu could bag the best actor award easily and the film could have a rain of medals .

Over all Bharat Ane Nenu is the portrayal of what and how a CM should deliver and conduct himself. The young CMs in waiting in both states of AP and Telangana should take cue and lessons from Mahesh Babu role, dialogues and also concepts .

Reviewed by baba-15945 9 / 10

A Must Watch by Every Indian

I saw Bharat Ane Nenu and I liked the movie.

In these days of extreme corruption and Chalta Hai attitude of the Citizen, It requires some guts for a Director to take a movie enunciating a Strict, Upright and Corruption Free Value system. Self-Governance and Direct Financial Allocation to the Villages, Huge Fines & Stringent Penalties to the non-abiding citizen, Combination of Highest Level of Moral & Intellectual Integrity, Leadership by Example, Purpose, Focus plus Super Human Physical Strength of the Chief Minister, are brought out very clearly. Movie is a must watch by each and every citizen and while most will laugh it out as impractical fiction, at least Director Koratala Siva and Brand Mahesh Babu would have sown a seed of introspection in one and all.

Mahesh Babu who plays the Chief Minister is extremely Handsome, Strong and Acts Very Well 5/5 Prakash Raj who plays the Party Chief and role of the Villain is Simply Brilliant 5/5 Heroine and all other Character Actors have done complete justice to their roles 4/5 Music by D S P is good 4/5 Movie & Storyline 4/5

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