Bhool Bhulaiyaa

2007 [HINDI]

Comedy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 21472

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kanishkasohaal 10 / 10

It's 2018 and STILL my favorite movie!!

BEST MOVIE EVER! Like, I was 5 years old when this movie released and now it's been 13 years...and still this movie is tightly stick with my heart. There is something which is ever green in this movie and I just....I just love Bool Bhulaiyaa and trust me, I know it's been a long time till now when this movie was released but if you want to watch FFUNNY and HORRIBLE Bollywood picture with your family or friends....just go for it!! Go for BHOOL BHULAIYAA!

Reviewed by s-sunilpal123 9 / 10

What a Movie!!!

I have not watched the Malayalam original but I don't think I need to. If ever u need to to be proud of an Indian film in front of an American, this is what u'll need. A very intelligent mix of drama, suspense, thrill and comedy with traces of romance thrown in between.... Right from the start, the movie never sags. All the characters r well chosen & the storyline is taut. The plot is of a couple returning to the husband's native place and a haunting they encounter there. Although the plot has been explored before, the performances by actors here are commendable. The couple seems an actual couple, the father looks like a father, everything rings true and credible. Its hard to believe they r acting. The suspense unfolds gradually and is very ably switched with other elements but the interest is never let down. The crazy doctor looks like he can do nothing! But looks can be deceptive. A very well-chosen protagonist! Different, in fact from the conventional ones...Twists n turns at d right times and finally, a fitting climax....short enough to hold attention throughout. A masterpiece of effort! A bigger budget n a little better dialog delivery esp. from Akshay cud hv made d movie flawless...In the scene where Akshay explains his discovery, he seems to be struggling for words...just a bit, though!!! All in all a gr8 movie....Rating 9/10

Reviewed by user-18029 8 / 10

A good thriller

Despite the fact that the movie was promoted as a comedy, the film is a physcological thriller with a few comic situations. Priyadarshan does a good job as a director. In comparison with his previous films, he takes a leap as a director by making a movie with a genre of its own.

In my opinion, Bhool Bhulaiyaa is way better than the original movie, Manichithrathazhu. Probably because of the technicians have improved since then.

Akshay Kumar does his usual comic act, and he's funny here as well. Shiny Ahuja hams, but is good in parts. The last 45 minutes belong to none other than, Vidya Balan. Throughout the movie she doesn't have much to do but the steals the show with her superb performance towards the climax. Ameesha Patel looks ethereal and is effective in a small yet important role. The supporting cast are first-rate, especially Paresh Rawal, Rasika Joshi and Manoj Joshi.

The songs are good; Labon Ko is easy on the ears.

All in all, Bhool Bhulaiyaa is a well-executed movie, though lengthy in parts! Time-pass!

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