Bhuj: The Pride of India

2021 [HINDI]

Action / Drama / History / War

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 24368

war india pakistan war indian war

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Uploaded by: FREEMAN

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Ajay Devgn as Squadron Leader Vijay Karnik
Sanjay Dutt as Indian Army Scout Ranchordas Pagi

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Reviewed by itzakkunwarak 1 / 10

This is a parody of a war movie !!

#BhujThePrideOfIndia is undoubtedly one of the worst war movie ever made in the history of cinema. This movie is made so badly that I didn't even found even a single praise worthy point. Pakistani soldiers on a war field and they don't have guns I mean why would Pakastani soldier carry guns while trying to invade India. Indian soldiers are shown so dumb that when air raid siren blast soldiers instead of saving assets or going to bunker they keep on looking up to the Pakistani fighter planes as if suddenly after the siren Indian soldiers turns into statue. There are fighter planes flying near sonic speed fighting with Pakistani fighter planes and the pilots are talking about what they are going to do after the war. Their is a Punjabi soldier who is always so depressed and when his aircraft crashes to sea and the depressed Punjabi soldier swims to shore. He doesn't even bail out even when the aircraft crashes. There is war going on and you have information that the enemy are half their way to attack you but the Indian side got no chill, they come up with huge drums to sing song. The CGI of this movie is so childish, it looks as if it is not an A grade movie this is some kid's animated show. The leopard or the blast scenes every CGI portions looks very bad.

This is a parody of a war movie where the main actress Sonakshi Sinha seems to be inspired by watching some cringe tiktokers that she acts like them. Dialogues of this movie are just cheeky and the screenplay is absolutely pathetic.

It is clear that the makers were only tricking to sell this movie in the name of patriotism. This movie is a big NO from my side.

Reviewed by eldreddsouza 1 / 10

Why does this film have such high ratings?

Yes 5.1 is insanely high for this ginormous piece of sh!t film. At first, judging from the reviews I thought it won't be that bad. But I was completely wrong. It is absolutely sh^t. The only thing it can be compared to is a pile of sh;t. Nothing else at all.

The makers have done such extreme disservice to this riveting tale of valour and bravery. They've made a complete joke of the story. This film doesn't inspire you at all. Not one bit. It's filled with such pathetic scenes, cringe scenes, shady dialogues, that you won't feel inspired even one bit. Even when they hoist the Indian flag and a monologue goes on in the background, you will only be happy that it's over and won't feel even .00001% emotional.

The director is an absolute lame duck who has absolutely no clue how to make a film. I am not exaggerating even the slightest in saying the following. It feels like a TV serial and you will feel like you are watching some Balveer crap that they show these days on television. The BGM is of the worst quality possible and doesn't do anything to make things intense. I can just go on listing the things that I found horrible in this film. But I will struggle to list one thing good in it. There are literally no redeeming qualities. Even the acting is piss poor. Ajay Devgn has a straight face throughout and his dialogue delivery will give you nightmares. He's a bad and overrated as hl actor and this film puts his acting skills in the limelight. I did not even like him in Tanhaji and he's just the same here. So hope people will realise the truth about his acting abilities.

The editors of this film have directed this film being high on Vimal paan masala it seems like. The pacing is extremely terrible. Any random scene will suddenly show up and you won't comprehend why did the previous scene cut so quick. This happens constantly and it seriously gets on your nerves. The editors have a big role to play in this films absolute failure to inspire apart from the director who thought he is making a Hindi soap opera.

Yes the VFX is of low quality, but that's not what makes this film not worth your time and subscription. It's the absolute travesty of film making, a complete disgrace to movies in general and a full on mockery being made of a wonderful true story that should keep you away from this movie. I'm just glad that it didn't release in theatres and no viewers money is going to waste. Yes their time is wasted, but it's still better than paying the makers to watch something like this.

It won't be wrong to say that this maybe the worst film you have or will have ever watched in your life, because very honestly, it's super super bad. Please don't waste your time with this one.

I give it 0.5/10 and feel that it's currently rated very highly.

Reviewed by pushkarrkl 1 / 10

Please read the review !

This movie is just a mixture of series of events which they forgot to put up in a chronological order . I want to ask few questions to the director :- 1. Why you are showing battle of longewala in bhuj movie that too poorly showcased with illogical twistings !

2. What is sanjay dutt doing actually ? He's raw agent and fights openly in longewala war alone and killing all the pakistani soldiers ?

3. Nora fatehi doesn't even suit the character of an raw agent. Even alia bhatt was too better in front of her in Raazi.

4. The main topic of movie was how women helped in making of the runway which was just showcased in 10 minutes and it's over !! (That also in a simple way looks a school drama ) 5. The casting director was feeling sleepy when choosing the actor's i think ! Very bad castings !

6. The length of movie is also short as well as very poorly directed !

7. Is ajay devgan fighting for the indian army or maratha army ? Everytime he says maratha jo bol diya wo krke rehta hai ?

8. The VFX is very bad . One eg:- In the starting all the enemy planes were crashed in the air base but at end everything was cleared up !

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