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Tom Hanks as Josh
John Heard as Paul
David Moscow as Young Josh
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Reviewed by evkells 8 / 10

sneaky classic

Big is in my opinion one of young tom hanks best performances. Im talking pre forest Gump, cause everything after that you might as well take your pick for great movies. If you liked young Tom in money pit, you'll enjoy this just as much. Its a light hearted, feel good movie, with a great message. This sneaky classic stars a young tom hanks alongside Elizabeth Perkins in her prime and has a very relatable message that anyone of any age can relate to. if you consider yourself a tom hanks fan and haven't seen this movie yet, then your not really a fan. Enjoy.

Reviewed by Robert Porter 8 / 10

Big Heart

Every now & then, there comes a film that breaks the mould. And this film does this on so many levels. It's very clever writing, but even better performances by the main cast of about 3 people.

It's a film that emphasises the sadness found in happy moments. The 13 year old boy finds enjoyment becoming adult, & the girl can't help but enjoy acting childish. Both swap places by the final act of the film, & that's what makes it so dynamic.

I love the candour on display here. They straight out depict the working life as a stressful one which leaves no time for enjoyment. This makes the girl feel like she has very little time left for finding true love. And that in itself is also stressing her out, until she realises that love isn't the only root to enjoyment. And as they both learn to adapt to each other, they fall in love. It's very sweet, & it is handled very sincerely.

It is directed in that inimitable seamless way of the late 80's, where long takes, static lock off shots, & eye-level angles make you forget the camera is even in the room. And the music is used sparingly, but effectively.

It's a film I keep coming back to every 5 years. It reminds me not to take age for granted, & it also reminds me how lucky I was to be in love once.

It's also very funny! Go see it.

Reviewed by Matt Greene 8 / 10

I Wish I Were...Big

Big is a coming-of-age-&-then-regretting-it tale. In the beginning, it's sappy, stupid & generic…but once Hanks shows up? Pure gold. This definitely isn't hanks best movie, but it's maybe his greatest performance; he's so great at being a kid, but is even better as kid pretending to be an adult. They so perfectly captures the sweet mischievousness and naïve awkwardness of a teenage boy in an adult world.

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