Big House


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 5 10 47

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ernestosuarez 1 / 10

Worst movie of all time and it isn't close

Awful, just awful. Not sure whats worse, the acting, story, or camera work. This movie is what you get when a bunch of people that have never acted, wrote a script or filmed a movie are just sitting around and say "You know what would be cool? If we made a movie!" I will say this, its the worst editing and camera work I have ever seen in a "movie"! Don't get me started on the dialogue and script. It's like they were told to just say something, anything...try ro sound deep! The crazy part is that this debacle won a couple of awards aparently! You gotta love the opening scene and its oscar winning camera work. A car pulls up to a house in a random neighborhood and parks the car. The scene is shot from what seems like the house next door. It has the feel like someone is filming them within the movie. Nope! We get to watch at the group of four pull their luggage from the trunk of the car....but there is a massive tree branche blocking nearly the entire scene so you are basically watching nothing. Want to laugh and cringe at the same time? Watch the scene where one of the guys has to listen to his friends having sex! is like they told the actors to just make alot of loud sounds and yell some words to show how much you are enjoying sex! It is soooo awful! We do get some words of wisdom from one of the characters (who for some reason thinks the first thing he has to when he gets there is shave) when he explains that jealous people are just people that want to be cheated on! Deep stuff! I keep refering to the people in the movie as "character/s" because i can't remember any names. I highly doubt there was a script because there is a very serious feel that they are just saying things as they pop into their heads and spoiler alert, they are terrible at improvision. I would explain the ot if i understood it. About 35 minutes in we get a 30 second shot of water dripping from something...i have no idea what that thing is. The audio...oh the audio! There are sequences where its impossible to make out what they are saying. The whispering in this movie...its half the dialogue and you can't understand a word of what they are sayin! I highly reccomend watching with a lip reader! The editing....after the 30 second unknown water drip it cuts staight to a sink and water faucet and no its not pouring or dripping any water. There is a scene in the last five minutes that is just two characters sitting in a car where for the first two minutes and 10 seconds there is only one short line of dialogue, you get to just look at them looking ahead the entire time. The background sound affects are quite irtitating, its like they are just tapping sticks on random objects. There is a scene where two sets of dialogues in two different rooms are being shown at the exact same time. You got one room people counting Mississippis for some reason while two other people in a different room are trying to have a low talking conversation....i am not a movie making expert but having dialogue being spoke above other dialogue isn't the wisest choice! This movie is literally an example of everything you shouldn't do when making a movie. There ONLY positive thing about this was the smoke show in the glasses! She is the only reason I didn't turn this trainwreck off! The ending, its like they just ran out of memory on whatever they were recording with and said "f#@k it, we will just end it there". Its not one of those cool ambiguos "Inception" type endings either. Its almost as if there were another 15 minutes to the ending that they forgot to edit in before they released the movie! This movie is so bad that comparing this to other terrible movies is an insult to those movies. This movie makes Manos Hands of Fate look like Citizen Kane! is that bad! A 1 is about 100 times to high of a rating for this movie! I could write 100,000 words about all the awfulness of this movie but I think I have made my pount!

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