Big Miracle


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Kristen Bell as Jill Jerard
Dermot Mulroney as Colonel Scott Boyer
Drew Barrymore as Rachel Kramer
John Krasinski as Adam Carlson
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Reviewed by Michael Ledo 10 / 10

Not my first rodeo

1988 Barrow Point, Alaska.

This film is based on a true story and includes news feeds from that era. Three migrating whales are trapped in the ice due to early freezing. It was a fluke they were reported on in the first place. Once attention grew, unlikely forces and alliances came together to save the whales. This included an oil company, Greenpeace, US and Soviet governments, the military, Eskimos, the community, private entrepreneurs, and a Barbie reporter. That was the Big Miracle.

The film contains the right mix of drama and comedy in this heart warming tale on what people can accomplish when they come together.

The end of the film shows a clip of Sarah Palin, then Heath, as a sportscaster.

Family safe.

Reviewed by juneebuggy 8 / 10

They don't make enough movies like this anymore

Inspired by a true story from the 80's, This follows newsman (John Krasinski) and animal activist (Drew Barrymore) who team up to help a family of grey whales trapped under closing ice in the Arctic, a story which becomes huge world wide news.

I really enjoyed this, way more than I expected to actually. It wasn't the cheesy, family fare I anticipated and while it was still predictable and I'm sure took some liberties with the real story it did it with such charm and heart that I didn't mind. I surprised by how invested and even emotional I got towards the outcome of this story.

It was also really nice to watch a movie about people, governments and businesses coming together for a cause ( big oil, military, politicians, the Inuit, Russians and Americans) a nice change of pace there. They don't make enough movies like this anymore.

Excellent (if somewhat surprising) cast attached here too: Dermot Mulroney, Kathy Baker, Ted Danson and several other familiar faces. 2/21/16

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 5 / 10

I'll have that Big Miracle with extra cheese on please

I expected to really dig this one as I am a 'animal-lover' (even though I think that term is corny) and a Drew Barrymore-lover alike (nothing corny about that term though).

But this movie was way too cheesy at times for me, like randomly showing a bunch of American TV-viewers (ridicolously fraudulent) reactions to the news- stories about the whales being trapped and dropping absolutely everything just to tune in, as if nothing in else in their life mattered to them.

And occasionally giving full focus on supporting characters that don't push the movie forward one bit and just take up running-time like colonel Boyer (played by Dermot Mulroney) and Kelly Meyers (played by Vinessa Shaw) instead of focusing on the main characters... and the whales of course.

Not completely awful but we've seen the story before but in different settings or animals, not that all movies have to be original but it would have been nice if they'd cut out the cheese a bit from this one at least and focused on the things that mattered more and fleshed out the characters a bit.

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