Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 5%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
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Jessica Lucas as Haley
Portia Doubleday as Jasmine
Ken Jeong as Mailman
Martin Lawrence as Malcolm / Big Momma
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by keiichi73 1 / 10

Has it really come to this?

To live in the world of Big Momma, it helps if you have the intelligence of a box of instant potatoes. That way, Detective Malcolm Turner (Martin Lawrence) and now his 17-year-old stepson Trey (Brandon T. Jackson) can pass themselves off as women, despite both of them looking like they escaped from a bad Saturday Night Live sketch, and not arouse suspicion. That both of them are able to fool an entire girl's college campus is one mental hurdle the movie asked of me that I just could not accomplish.

Of course, given the attempts at humor on display in Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son, it probably wouldn't hurt if the audience shared the same IQ as the characters up on the screen. There's not a single laugh to be had. Believe me, I counted. But then, that's not surprising when the film's sole joke was explored to its fullest in 2000's Big Momma's House. That was the movie where Lawrence went undercover as a 300 pound Southern granny in order to crack a crime. Somehow, this idea struck a chord with enough people to see the movie gross over $100 million, which led to 2006's Big Momma's House 2. It was less successful at the box office, but here we are with the third film. Not only does the Big Momma disguise that Lawrence dons look a little more worn out than before, but Lawrence himself seems confused as to what he's doing back in the role. It's an encore performance that no one, not even the star, asked for.

Lawrence is back as Malcolm, although his love interest (played in the previous two films by Nia Long) is nowhere to be seen. I guess they couldn't pay her enough to come back, so they explain in dialogue that she's away at a retreat. This leaves Malcolm to deal with family problems on his own, such as stepson Trey wanting to ditch a college education at Duke University, so that he can become a rap artist. Trey is underage, and needs his dad's signature in order to sign a contract with a music producer. In what is probably not the brightest of ideas, Trey decides to follow Malcolm on a bust of some Russian gangsters, hoping he can corner him and convince him to sign the contract. (I told you these characters were dumb.) This leads to Trey witnessing a murder, and having the gangsters gunning after him. Malcolm decides that the best way for his stepson and him to remain inconspicuous is to dress in drag, a fat suit, and clothes that look like they were stolen from a circus clown's wardrobe.

They head for the Georgia All Girl's School for the Performing Arts, where incriminating evidence against the mobsters has been conveniently hidden, and even more conveniently, a position for housemother has opened up. No need for any real credentials or background checks, apparently. "Big Momma", with Trey posing as her granddaughter, show up and immediately get wrapped up in campus life, and the various emotional problems (boys, the stress to be popular and "perfect") that the students face. The movie can't think of a single funny thing to do with its premise. Every scene ends with either a tired physical gag (Big Momma poses nude for an art class!), or sometimes no laugh at all, just an awkward transition to the next scene. I guess we're supposed to get caught up in the subplot of how Trey falls for one of the girls at the school (Jessica Lucas), and is forced to keep his feelings and identity a secret. All I could think about is how does this girl not realize that Trey and his female disguise are one and the same person, especially since she spends ample personal time with both of his identities?

I don't think I'm spoiling much by revealing that Big Mommas ends with the gangsters getting what they deserve, and father and son bonding during their time in drag together. This is an unwanted and miscalculated comedy that is so lacking in energy and entertainment, it's mind boggling. Nobody up on the screen looks like they want to be there, and as the movie dragged on through its overlong 107 minutes, I felt a connection with them. At least I was feeling something.

Reviewed by yahyabasaran 10 / 10

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like son

Short summary: Agent Malcolm and his son, Trent hide themselves in the "Georgia girls school for the arts" by being dressed as women. Trent witnesses a murder and together with his father, they are trying to locate the killer. Malcolm tries to find evidence against the murderer and with Trent, they make lots of adventures at school!

Content: Trent passed the high school and was accepted at Duke University. His stepfather, Turner wants him to continue studying, but he wants to be a rapper. He tries to sign him a contract after his mother is on vacation, but he refuses. To get the signature, Trent chases his father and witnesses a murder, committed by the Russian Chirkoff. Therefore, they dress up as women and go to the "Georgia girls school for the arts". Malcolm is looking for a USB stick containing evidence against the killer Chirkoff. He discovers that the USB stick is in a music box, which was stolen from the library.

Trent screws up the undercover mission when he was seen by friends during a date with Haley, as himself. The gang members of Chirkoff introduced themselves as record producers to Trent's friends and asked to inform them if they saw him. The members can not find him when he goes undercover as Charmaine Daisy Pierce. Unfortunately ,Trent exposes himself when he sings a song with his own voice. Therefore, he escapes with Turner and Haley but get caught by Chirkoff. The school guard, Kurtis shoots him and rescues them at the last moment. Finally, the killer and his accomplices are arrested. They return to their house and then, the movie ends.

Opinion: Big Mommas: Like Father, Like son is an American comedy movie which contains American humor. The passage in which Turner talks with a white person on the phone occurs a typical American humor scene. The white person calls him chocolate and this is a situation humor. Turner, as Big Momma is pretty and gives spontaneous reactions. His jokes are simple and you don't require any background knowledge. So I think that this is a great American comedy movie because the jokes were easy and it amused me. From my viewpoint, this is a must-watch movie!

Reviewed by Python Hyena 1 / 10

Three Times the Big Mistake.

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son (2011): Dir: John Whitesell / Cast: Martin Lawrence, Brandon T. Jackson, Jessica Lucas, Portia Doubleday, Tony Curran: Yet another idiotic F.B.I agent in a fat lady suit comedy. This time Martin Lawrence is joined by his son, played by Brandon T. Jackson who witnesses a murder. They both don wigs and drag and into a college they go. Directed by John Whitesell whose Malibu's Most Wanted had its laughs, but after directing the pathetic Big Momma's House 2 you would think he would have learned his lesson. This film only adds one more person to the concept of going in drag. Lawrence has this role down pat, which is to say that it is standard and routine. He hides his son while he searches for the criminals. Jackson actually elevates above the material. He desires to be a rap singer but in the midst of getting his father's approval he witnesses a shooting. In drag he does have his moments of amusement despite an ending where he cannot be two people at once. Jessica Lucas has the boring role of piano player whom Jackson falls for despite the fact that she thinks he is a female. Portia Doubleday plays the snide stuck up sorority sister who seems to call the shots. It is a boring role played countless times before. Tony Curran has the thankless role of Russian gang leader and it has all the ambition of countless roles just like it. While this is a slight improvement over the first two disastrous Big Momma movies, it is still pretty much the same crap over again. It is slightly better only due too Jackson's contribution, otherwise it is a big fat waste of time. Score: 1 ½ / 10

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