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IMDb Rating 4.2 10 304

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Richard Tyson as David Caldwell
Angie Everhart as Brooke Caldwell
Nicole Badaan as Madison

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by artpf 1 / 10


OMG! Take the original bigfoot costume from Harry and the Hendersons (a good movie, gray the hair around the jowls and darken the lines in the face.

Guess what? You now have the main character in this flick.

With none of the humanity.

This film is directed like those bad hillbilly movies ... what was his name? He died of lung cancer a while back. Anyway it's nearly unwatchable.

Directed by a moron.

Written by a cretin.


Reviewed by halllori-44742 8 / 10

Really cute!!

Even though some may say some of the acting needs improvement, it's still a really cute movie. Reminds me of another Bigfoot movie I watch about 30 or so yrs ago. I loved it too!! So if you are not a super critic and just love watching cute sweet movies, then you'll love this one. Very heartfelt and funny!!!

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