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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10

Cut and paste exercise in film editing

BIGFOOT HORROR CAMP is the latest travesty from Old Mill Entertainment, a would-be comedy horror exploitation movie that's made up of bits and pieces of older movies. As with their other releases like GALAXY ZERO and GHOST BRIDE OF Dracula, most of the running time is taken up with a cinema screen showing an old unidentified ape-costume horror flick from the 1960s. The rest is made up of non-nude scenes from a nudity camp porn film featuring adult starlet Lexi Belle. That this is presented as a proper movie is a real cheat when it comes down to it.

Reviewed by moonnight072 1 / 10

skip this and rent a porno

So its a wanna be horror movie with porn star. budget of 350 000 $ must have been to cover the salary of the girls. aside from lexi bell none are really worth it

Reviewed by billcat69 4 / 10

Bigfoot meets Nudist Colony meets Jungle meets Dancing Teens, but why?!!!

SPOILERS -- I ran across this movie while browsing the Amazon prime listings. I'm a Bigfoot fan so I clicked and started watching. Then I suddenly see porn star Lexi Belle having sex of the extremely soft core kind. So I was at once happy and then sad.

What really confused me was that I have the original full version of that movie, it's called: "Monster of the Nudist Colony (2013)" and it alone is 1 hr 19 mins. However Bigfoot Horror Camp is only 49 mins.

Oh and one other minor issue - it has nothing to do with Bigfoot! WTF!!!!!

As you continue on you'll find that cool 1hr 19 min movie gutted and almost all of the nudity and sex scenes gone. So I'm wondering why this was done and then it happened...

After a big action sequence the movie time travels back to 1968 and we are suddenly watching footage from a movie I happen to like and have on DVD, "King of Kong Island" If you took anything "funny" back in college this is where you'd be wondering about flashbacks. :o)

So we watch some footage from that movie completely unrelated to our original movie and then ... Back to the nudist colony!!! Yay, because its fun to be confused!

More hacked up footage is shown removing all the sex and nudity and then just to make things worse, just as Lexi Belle is about to LEZ out we cut again and....Holy Cats, I swear, this can't really be happening buuuuuttttt.....

We're now in an actual Bigfoot movie, and yes, it's one that I also have on DVD called: "The Legend of Bigfoot" (1976) and **NOT** to be confused with the 1975 film "Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot"

"The Legend of Bigfoot" is a fake documentary narrated by a guy claiming to have seen and filmed Bigfoot, or Bigfoot's many times. We basically travel back into the woods where they like to hang out and party like animals apparently.

Bu there's more, one more movie!!! Suddenly we swap to the teens dancing in the woods in the sci-fi movie "Night Fright" (1967). And...Yep I got it!!!! :o)

At this point you may be thinking that I'm screwing with you but I'm not.

Someone actually took a nudie film, a Bigfoot film, a 60's sci-fi movie, and a jungle adventure film (with a science fiction element) and in a random manner edited them all together. I added up the 4 runtimes = 5 hrs 22 mins. = 322 mins

The final product is again only 49 mins. Talks about efficiency!!!! Hell, we don't need no stinking extra 273 mins!!!

So anyway as it progresses it jumps all around these 4 movies until it finally ends. But there's no real ending, it just wraps things up here goes....

SPOILERS -- In the nudist colony movie the subplot was an ape man kidnapping the girls and tying them up and stuff. At the end the ape turns back into a real man - watch movie to try and understand why????.

In the Bigfoot movie the narrator finds the Bigfoot central location and rejoices having proven himself right about their existence uhhh and stuff.

In the jungle sci-fi vid the brain control thingy is destroyed and then it skips an ending...

We must assume the "Night Fright" sci-fi teenagers are still out there dancing in the dark. Sing it Bruce!

So that's it. Why? I don't know. Are there others? I hope so, this was fun for me.

Oh yeah seriously.

What are the odds that I would discover this movie and just happen to own all 4 source movies and recognize them???? Seems astronomical to me. But what do I know? Now I'm off to find the hardcore version of Laci Belle.:o)

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