Bigger Fatter Liar


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Reviewed by larrys3 4 / 10

Grows Tiresome

I have not seen the 2002 film "Big Fat Liar" but from what I've read on some sites this latest "version" is quite inferior. It seemed to start out in a rather clever and humorous way but as as the movie progressed it all grew very tiresome for me.

Ricky Garcia stars as Kevin, a high school student who has built a reputation of constantly lying and manipulating. When he's caught plagiarizing a paper by one of his teachers, he's given an assignment to write a new paper and cleverly comes up with the outline of a new video game called Bigger Fatter Liar.

However, by circumstance his idea is stolen by a despicable video game executive (Barry Bostwick). Bostwick really plays the vile character to the hilt. Of course, due to Kevin's previous reputation virtually no one will believe him.

Thus, pretty much the remainder of the movie will involve Kevin and his best friend Becca (Jodelle Ferland) flying to San Francisco and wreaking havoc on the executive's life through a series of pranks and revenge tactics. In my opinion, it just all became too repetitive like a "one trick pony" and contrived, and I was glad when it finally concluded.

Reviewed by singstar4542 1 / 10

This is a crime against cinema

I am big fan of the original, but this is word for word the exact same movie with a stupid app idea. I am furious watching this film and how Universal allowed this to be made. Thank god this was not in theaters and I could watch it off netlflix in the comfort of my home. Dan Schnider is sobbing after watching this, Why did you have to reboot something so iconic and perfect. This is a disgrace to everyone who enjoyed the original!

Reviewed by studioAT 4 / 10

Is it a sequel? A remake? Either way it's fun!

2002's 'Big Fat Liar' will never top a 'best family film ever' list, but was an entertaining enough film that is still remembered with affection by those who grew up watching it.

I was surprised then to see 'Bigger Fatter Liar' appear straight to DVD in 2017.

The film, despite being touted on the DVD box as being a sequel, is really a remake, with the original plot structure and like for like characters (often with slightly amended names) all being adhered to. It feels a little like the later 'Home Alone' films, where 'Kevin-esque' characters were put through their paces.

It's not the mess that others here have made it out to be. There are some nice new original touches (not just changing a film idea being stolen to an app) and the leads are clearly having fun in their roles.

It pales in comparison to the original, but there's a lot to like here.

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